Harbour Housewares Children's Clothes Hangers - Grey - Pack of 10

Harbour Housewares Children's Clothes Hangers - Grey - Pack of 10

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Keep kids' clothes tidy and inject some fun and colour into their wardobe with the range of Wooden Children's Coat Hangers from Harbour Housewares.

Perfectly scaled to suit smaller clothing, the chunky 12mm wooden frame of these hangers helps preserve a garment's shape far better than plastic or wire equivalents, while also offering a degree of resistance against slipping - no more needing to dig a crumpled t-shirt back up off the bottom of the wardrobe! Twin notches at the ends offer the perfect hanging point for vests and dresses, while the inclusion of a solid bar across the bottom makes for a great solution for trousers and longer skirts.

Available in a wide range of colours - whatever your taste, with the Harbour Housewares range of Wooden Children's Coat Hangers you're sure to find something to perfectly suit your little one's style.


Smaller Size Hanger - Ideally suited to smaller size clothes

Durable Wooden Frame with Chrome Wire Hook - Optimum blend of lightness and durability

Built-in Trouser Bar - Save space and hang your trousers and shirt or blazer on one hanger

Twin Notches - Securely store dresses, cardigans and scoop neck tees

Available in a Wide Range of Colours - To suit any bedroom decor

  • Width: 350mm
  • Depth: 12mm
  • Height: 200mm
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