Boot Hanger Extender Rods™ (3 Rods + 3 Boot Hangers)
Boot Hanger Extender Rods™ (3 Rods + 3 Boot Hangers)

Boot Hanger Extender Rods™ (3 Rods + 3 Boot Hangers)

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Easily store your Boots directly under your clothes, where they belong- off the floor and with their shape protected.

No more slouching boots and fold-over creases, which deteriorate the material and damage the structure. This extender can easily hang from most standard closet rods, allowing you to organize your boots. The eyelet at the bottom of the extender rod is coated in thick black rubber to snugly hold each boot hanger. The extenders’ slim profile lets you hang your boots below clothing - shirts, skirts, blazers, jackets - in the space of only one coat hanger. This out-of-the-box system installs with no tools and no assembly - you literally just hang it up and hook in your boots with the boot hangers. Simple and sophisticated!

  • A complete boot storage system to keep boots organized and looking their best.
  • Vertical Hanging Rods take up no more space than a normal shirt hanger and drop boots right below clothing, for easy outfit selection.
  • Rubberized for strength and security, so boots may be moved frequently without falling. Includes 3 Original Silver Boot Hangers and 3 Easy Reach Extenders.
  • Organize and protect boots, keep them looking their best season after season.
  • Expand closet space by utilizing the unused hanging space below clothing.
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