Wonder Hanger Platinum - Magical Space-Saving Chrome Hangers, Pack of 8 in Lilac Color

Wonder Hanger Platinum - Magical Space-Saving Chrome Hangers, Pack of 8 in Lilac Color

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NEATLY ORGANIZES & DECLUTTERS YOUR CLOSET: If you’re tired of a cluttered closet, Wonder Hanger Platinum can help. These hangers are designed to provide optimal organization and storage, giving you greater space in your home. Each Wonder Hanger Platinum holds up to 30 pounds and has 6 notches in it to hold multiple hangers.
EASY TO USE: The Wonder Hanger Platinum can be hung horizontally or vertically for easy closet organization. Just drop down the Wonder Hanger Platinum by pulling one of the hooks off the closet rod. Your clothes will remain neatly on the hanger while hanging vertically. This system triples your closet space, keeps clothes neat, and gives you more room to fit and organize your seasonal clothes.
HOLDS 12 GARMENTS PER HANGER: Each Wonder Hanger Platinum features 6 evenly spaced slots to hold your hangers. These notches are wide enough for you to double up on hangers, making it so that each Wonder Hanger Platinum holds 12 garments. It also helps prevent wrinkles. With this handy 8 pack, that’s a total of 96 garments that you can accommodate easily !!
GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES: When you have limited room, space is a precious commodity. Fortunately, our hangers are designed to maximize your closet space, giving you ample room to hang all your garments. The Wonder Hanger Platinum is ideal for small closets, apartments, dorm rooms, RVs, and storage. Finally, you can hang up all your clothes without your space feeling cluttered.
8 PACK: We’ve made ordering your set of Wonder Hanger Platinum hangers easier for you. This convenient set comes in a 8 pack, giving you ample room to hang all of your clothes and garments. You can store wood, wire, or plastic hangers on the Wonder Hanger Platinum. The Wonder Hanger Platinum can also be used for coats, purses, and more!

Bring your closet challenges! Wonder Hanger Platinum works like magic on heavy coats, bulky purses, tons of shirts and blouses - they're no match for the durability and strength of the Wonder Hanger Platinum. Made with durable chrome, this efficient, magical space-saving closet hanger design frees up space while keeping your garments wrinkle-free. Great for dorms, apartments or anywhere with limited space. The Wonder Hanger Platinum works flawlessly with wood, metal and plastic hangers of all shapes and sizes. This complete 8-piece cascading set will help you get organized quickly and easily.

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