Whatswhats Portable Folding Hanger Travel A Set of Foldable Clothes Drying Rack Travel Hanger (12 Pack-Black)

Whatswhats Portable Folding Hanger Travel A Set of Foldable Clothes Drying Rack Travel Hanger (12 Pack-Black)

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Size---Hanger has two different hanging folds for small and larger garments. It is for baby’s clothes when you open the hanger in half; it is for adult’s clothes when you fully open the hanger. And please look at the second picture, which provides the detailed size of all conditions.
Package Includes---They come packaged in a reusable plastic pouch, in their folded position. You will get 12 black folding hangers and 1 blue clothesline.
Useful for Travel---A great, unique idea for a traveler! These are light weight and compact. Many people like to travel very light and with one bag of foldable clothing that needs to be hung when they arrive at their destinations.
Compared to Regular hangers---You don't have to keep wire hangers in your suitcase any more. Hotels and cruise ships never have enough hangers for long trips, and these are also great for drip-drying in the shower. They are small enough when folded, to toss in the suitcase anywhere.
A Great Gift for Family and Friends---Buy them for your family and friends, especially for Christmas Stocking Stuffers, they will love them. Most hotels never have enough hangers, and this set of folding travel hangers are lightweight and so easy to open and close. Just keep them in your suitcase so you won’t leave home without them.

Do you always hate not having enough hangers in the hotel when you go on a trip

Or not having enough room to just pack your clothes on your regular hangers

These take up as much room as a compact toiletry bag and fold out to a full size hanger with notches for tank tops.

No more wrinkled tops in drawers!!

There are often insufficient hangers at the destination, or they cannot be removed from the bar in a hotel for this, the most efficient packing/unpacking method.

You will find these very useful for travel.

If you wear a lot of dresses/coats/nice shirts or something that requires hanging, we really recommend them.

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