Velvet Suit Hangers with Extra Tie Bar - (Pack of 50)

Velvet Suit Hangers with Extra Tie Bar - (Pack of 50)

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SPACE SAVING: Domani 75g slim line hangers have been designed for saving you space in your closet while providing non-slip care for your best garments. These hangers are ideal in spaces with too many clothes to hang: college dorms, small closets, large closets bustling with garments.
HIGH STRENGTH: Domani hangers are robustly constructed to hold up the heaviest of coats. There is no jacket too heavy for the Domani hanger. From dresses and suits to slacks and skirts, the Domani hangers can hang them all.
NON-SLIP: The surface of each hanger is made with durable black-flocked velveteen, which prevents even your most delicate garments from slipping. Soft-to-the-touch, the velvety hangers prevent clothes protect clothes from any hanger-induced damage.
MULTIPURPOSE: Notched shoulders allow you to hang dresses, blouses, and other strapped outfits. A secondary hang bar is included for hanging ties and scarves. A swivel hook allows you to rotate your hang to properly position clothing.
LARGE QUANTITY: You cannot beat this price for a pack of 50 hangers. From college dorms to cleaning out your closet, you will be able to provide a hanger for all of your articles of clothing.

Keep your clothing looking freshly laundered and pressed with these wonderful closet additions. Sturdy hanger construction helps preserve the shape of your clothes and will keep you looking professional around the clock. Durable black-flocked hangers are designed to prevent slipping of your finest garments while being strong enough to support heavy loads. Domani hangers are ideal for all articles of clothing, including suits, dress shirts, pants, gowns, dresses, sundresses, shirts, sweaters, pullovers. Here are reasons why Domani No-Slip Hangers will be perfect for you:

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