Mawa by Reston Lloyd Silhouette Series Non-Slip Space Saving Clothes Hanger for Shirts and Dresses, Style 41/F, Set of 12, White

Mawa by Reston Lloyd Silhouette Series Non-Slip Space Saving Clothes Hanger for Shirts and Dresses, Style 41/F, Set of 12, White

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Non-slip hanger for hanging tops, dresses, pull over and light jackets; measures 16" by 3/8"
Carefully formed to preserve garments, eliminate shoulder bumps and provide collar support
Made from German cold-rolled steel for durability and strength, hook swivels for convenience
Space efficient design maximizes closet space by as much as 40 percent
Non slip coating is non-toxic and keeps clothes on the hanger and clothes hang uniformly to create an even look, patented swivel hook; hook measures 1 1/2" wide

In 1948 Martin Wagner had the vision to manufacture the best clothes hanger in the world. That dream became a fully automated manufacturing process that combines specialized Machinery, professional designers/engineers, and experienced sales staff. Mawa pioneered the market with patented technology such as turn able hooks, anti-slip coating, and clip hangers. Mawa delivers 100Percent "made in Germany" clothes hangers to 58 countries to ensure high quality materials and designs are offered throughout the world. Managing director, Michaela Schenk has made consumer safety her top priority. All materials used for production can be recycled and water Consumption in the manufacturing process has been reduced by 80Percent. Mawa is environmental friendly and certified in accordance with Germany's strict ecologic standards. The culmination of European standards and Mawa dedication to high standards, results in a product which is not hazardous to the customer or planet. Our silhouette non-slip shirt/blouse hanger is perfect for blouses, tops, hang dresses, pull overs & light jackets. These hangers are carefully designed to avoid those inevitable shoulder-bumps you get from using straight hangers. It preserves the appearance and fit of your most delicate blouses, shirts and dresses. Their anti-slip coating keeps your clothes on the hanger no matter the fabric type and off the floor. The hanger's slim and sleek design allows you to maximize space your closet space by 40Percent while keeping your clothes secure while being stored. It also has a turn Le hook to hang it in different directions. All Mawa products hang uniformly to create an even neat look. Your clothes do not need to suffer, and neither does your wallet. Take care of your clothes by using the Mawa line of hangers. Save space, get organized and treat your garments & yourself with the utmost care.

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