Closet Spice Rubber Coated Plastic Non-Slip Suit Hangers (White)

Closet Spice Rubber Coated Plastic Non-Slip Suit Hangers (White)

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Add elegance and style to your closet with these beautiful rubber coated plastic hangers from Closet Spice brands. Made of high-quality ABS plastic featuring a chrome swivel hook, a cascade hook and a rubber coated non-slip bar to hang slacks and keep them in place.

Each hanger is crafted with a slim design and a cascade hook to save space. Use these strong and durable hangers to hold your coats, suits, shirts, pants and more.

Each hanger feature notches on the curved shoulders to keep your silkiest garment in place and in its original perfect shape. Whether you choose to hang individual pieces or multiple garments these plastic hangers are an excellent choice to give your closet a minimalist and modern look while keeping your clothes in shape.

  • Strong and durable plastic coat hangers
  • Rubber coated Plastic non-slip body and bar to hang many garments and slacks and keep them in place, Guaranteed
  • Each hanger features a classic slim, non-slip, and space-saving body that creates more room in your closet
  • Featuring Cascade/Multi-Purpose hook to utilize the vertical space or hang a belt/tie or a necklace to your outfit
  • Pronounced notches on the shoulders will keep the silkiest dress in place and the curves in its original shape
  • Includes 50 pieces of plastic hangers
  • Product Dimensions : 16.5" L x 9.6" W x 0.2" D
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