Woman Shares 30 Things Your Mom Should Have Told You

When it comes to valuable life lessons or just simple life hacks, we often turn to our mothers. Although sometimes they can really get on our nerves, we can’t deny that they teach you pretty much everything you need to know: from good manners and common sense to the most simple things like shaving or washing your hair.

Unfortunately, not everyone has had the best relationship with their mom or maybe didn’t even have one to turn to at all. But there’s a TikTok user that creates videos about "stuff your mom should have told you" and more than 112K followers really appreciate it.

Bored Panda collected some of the most relatable self-care and self-love tips from this account, so upvote your favorites and share your thoughts in the comments below!

TikTok user Natalia creates a video series about "stuff your mom should have told you", and more than 112K followers find it very thoughtful and relatable


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#1 Leave Clean Bathroom After Yourself

If there's more than one person living in the house, remember to flush the toilet, change the toilet paper if you used it up. Clean the shower drain after you use the shower, pick up your wet towel and hang it to dry. Wipe the sink after yourself.

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#2 Using Public Bathroom

When you use a public bathroom, remember that everything is dirty. So touch stuff only with your pinky or a piece of paper especially when you turn on the sink.


When you want to sit down, line the toilet seat with toilet paper.


Wash your hands and turn off the water with your elbow.


When you leave, remember that the door handle was touched by all the people who didn't wash their hands.

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#3 Staying Clean

You need to change your socks every single day, your underwear, every single day, your bra two to three days at most, your sheets, once a week, your towels two to three days, your toothbrush every two months, your pads, every three to four hours, your tampons, three to four hours, and make sure to use the reminder.

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#4 When Taking A Shower

Remember to wash your hairline. Scrub your ears and behind them. Don't forget the back of your neck, your elbows, between your fingers, belly button and the back of your knees and don't forget to wash between your toes.

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#5 Taking The Shower

When you take a shower, do a quick cleanse to wet your hair and your skin. Apply shampoo, and then wash it off. Apply conditioner, get a loofa, apply some body wash and scrub your entire body. Yes, even your feet. Rinse off the conditioner and the body wash. Get the loofa, apply some body wash and go over your body one more time. Then rinse that off again. Before you get out of the shower, do a quick body squeegee, so you don't make a a puddle on the floor. Get a towel, pat yourself dry, wipe your feet. Then go to the sink and wash your face.

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#6 Sweaty Armpits

Pat your armpits with a clean tissue, then grab some hand sanitizer, put on your armpits and wait another 15 to 20 seconds. You're all good.

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#7 Shaving

Put some baking soda in your palm. Add some bodywash. Apply on your armpit. Rub it, pat dry with a clean towel. Apply shaving cream. Very gently. Start shaving in small sections. No hurry. Rinse once you're done.

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#8 Cheating

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#9 Make Sure A Guy Always Use A Condom To Prevent Any Diseases

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#10 A Medicine Box

It should contain: Ibuprofen, aspirin (yes, have two types of painkillers), Pepto-Bismol, laxatives and some cold medication. Put it somewhere high away from your children.

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#11 Bag Of Essentials

Add to it: a hair tie, a deodorant, dental floss, a chapstick, sunscreen, hand cream, small scissors, hand sanitizer, super glue, a couple of pads, a hair brush, some baby wipes, and a couple of band-aids. This is going to be your essential bag for any emergencies and you can easily transfer it from one bag to another.

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#12 Shaving Your Legs

Grab baking soda, put your wash, mix, apply to your legs and gently scrub, rinse, and let it dry. Then apply your shaving cream. With your clean razor and gently holding it by the tip, shave in small sections. When shaving knees, go sideways. When you get to your ankle, lift your foot so you don't cut yourself. Remember to shave your toes. When done, wash your leg and apply moisturizer.

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#13 Putting On A Pad

Wash your hands. Stick your pad to your underwear. Take the paper off your wings. Stick your wings to the bottom of your underwear. Three hours later, grab the top of the pad and remove. Fold it couple of times, put it in the packaging of the new pad and throw it in the garbage. Then wash your hands.

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#14 Organizing Your Underwear

Get a little box and put all your underwear in it. You need to change your underwear every single day. And for that, you need anywhere between 10 to 14 pairs of underwear. And no matter what people say about granny panties being comfortable, hear me out - maternity underwear is better.

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#15 Brushing Your Teeth

These are the three most important moves. When you brush your teeth. From gum go down and do the circular motion. Do it on the base of your teeth aswell. You need to do this on all the surfaces of your teeth, top and bottom and all the way in the back and the back of the teeth. You also need to brush the inside of your cheeks and your tongue. Grab a long piece of floss, roll it on your index fingers. Each time you move to new tooth, you just roll it a little bit and use a clean piece of floss.

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#16 Don't Share These Things With Anyone

Hairbrush, toothbrush, lipstick, your water bottle, underwear, razor, straws, spoons or forks, and a mask. These are the things that you should never, ever, ever share with anybody because of diseases.

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#17 Applying Nail Polish

Base coat first, dry it off. Apply nail polish, dry it off. Once it's dry, apply a second layer and dry it off again. Apply top coat. Use an ear stick with acetone to remone any remaining polish.

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#18 Staying Safe

If you're at home by yourself at night and you hear a baby cry outside, no matter what, do not go outside to explore, this is a common tactic by burglars to get you to come outside and attack you and they're going to get access to your home.


Everybody wants to help a baby. But in this case, the best thing is to call the police. Be safe.

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#19 Washing Your Avocados

Once a month in the shower, you need to take care of your chest. You start all the way at the top and do little circular motions. Keep going down, cleaning every little part. Once you go all around, you need to check the middle too. If you feel any lumps, make sure to talk to your doctor.

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#20 Cutting Your Toenails

After a shower, grab some toilet paper and twist it. Put it between your toes. With a toenail clipper, start cutting at the base. Then use a straight nail clipper to get the corners of the toenails. Apply some moisturizer and you're good to go.

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#21 Putting On A Bra

Your band needs to come right at the base of your avocados. Try a strap on and adjust it so it stays firm on your shoulder. Turn the bra around, bend over and move the bra up so it fits the base of your avocados. Put your hand in, scoop them in so it fits perfectly, and still holding it on, put your strap on. Do it on the other side and you're good to go.

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#22 Washing Your Hair

Put shampoo in your hand, lather it all out, apply to your hair, start scrubbing with your fingers all over your scalp. You can even use a shampoo brush for that. You should have a thick foam all over your hair. Spread your foam to the rest of your hair. Rinse with warm water. Apply conditioner all over the length of your hair and rinse.

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#23 Brushing Your Hair

When you brush your hair, start with a detangling solution. Apply it all over your hair. Grab your hair, a little above your ends, and start brushing, not from roots but from the ends. Once you're done with that, go a little bit higher and keep brushing gently. Keep going higher and higher until you get to your roots. Now style your hair however you want, and remember you're beautiful.

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#24 Egg Carton Trick

Put it in the sink and spray it all with water. Let it sit there for a minute. Once that's done, carefully squish it all out and look, an amazing idea for the garbage.

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#25 Taking Care Of Your Nails

After you wash your hands, scrub under your nails with a toothbrush, dry your hands, grab a large or a small nail clipper. When you cut your nail, leave just a little bit of space of your nail bed. Grab a nail file, file from the edge to the center in one direction. Cut all extra skin with a cuticle cutter. Moisturize for 10 minutes and you're good to go.

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#26 Toothbrush

If you're keeping your toothbrush by your sink, it's got fecal matter on it. Put it in the cabinet or plastic bag.

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#27 Taking Care Of Your Acne

Wash your face and hands. Grab a cotton pad, apply alcohol and rub your finger tips with it. Grab another cotton pad, rip it apart and put it on your fingers. This is how you squeeze any blackheads on your face.

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#28 Using Toilet Paper

When you use toilet paper, make sure you use the inside of the toilet paper. Always wipe front to back. Repeat that until dry and clean. Then get baby wipes and wipe again, front to back, give it a second to dry and you're good to go.

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#29 Shaving Any Area Of Your Body

If you want to shave any area of your body you need to apply body scrub on it first. Wash that off and apply some foam or gel. Lather everything up. When you use your razor, don't apply any pressure. Hold it gently from the tip and go in the direction of the hair growth. If the hair is long, go in smaller sections and remember to rinse often. Even if it doesn't look perfect, that's ok. Apply foam one more time and this time you go against the growth of the hair. Apply some moisturizer and you're done.

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#30 Leftovers

For the leftovers that have been in your fridge for 3-4 days, put it in the freezer to preserve any smell and when its fully frozen, throw it into the trash.

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