Whether you are a single mom, or have a partner around the house to help, developing DIY skills is a good idea

After all, you cannot always rely on someone else being around to fix a problem.
Woman removing an electrical outlet before painting.
If there is no one in the house who can help, you end up having to call the handyman. This is a waste of time and money, when you would be able to deal with the problem yourself if you had the right skills. So, what simple DIY skills can any mom learn?
5 DIY Skills That a Mom Should Know Unblocking a toilet
It does not take a lot to block a toilet, especially if you have young kids who will try to flush pretty much anything. This is why unblocking a toilet is one of the first DIY skills that any mom should learn.

Often, you simply need to use a plunger to clear the blockage. If you do not have a plunger you can try tightly wrapping a plastic bag around the end of a wire coat hanger and using this in the same way as you would a plunger. If plunging the toilet does not work, you can buy or rent a drain snake which goes further down the drain.
Kitchen faucet running. Fixing a leaking faucet
A dripping faucet is not just annoying, it’s also a waste of water. This is important as water costs you money. The first thing you need to remember when fixing the faucet is that you should turn off the water. You should learn how to do this as soon as you move into a new property, just in case there is ever a leak or burst in your home. Once the water is switched off, follow the instructions to fix the faucet, before turning the water back on.
Replacing a door lock
If the locks on the doors in your home are not working as they should, you should not just ignore the problem. This is because a malfunctioning lock can be dangerous. Imagine what would happen if you and your kids awoke to find a fire in your home and you could not get out of the front door because the lock had jammed.

If a lock is not working, it may be a good idea to simply replace it. This is not that difficult to do and being able to do the work yourself saves you the cost of having to hire a professional.
Paint roller Painting walls and ceilings
If you have little ones running around in your home, there is a good chance that the walls quickly become dirty. There is only so much that washing will do. There comes a time when a repaint is necessary. Often, it’s a good idea to do the whole room, including the ceiling, at the same time. Painting skills are not that difficult to acquire, and doing the work yourself can actually be quite therapeutic.
Woman using a power tool. Using power tools
The ability to use power tools is useful to have, in many forms of DIY work. Many women are a little daunted at the thought of using power tools but it’s actually perfectly safe to do, as long as you follow the instructions in the manuals provided. Start slowly, by completing little projects, and build up your skills as you go.
5 DIY Skills That a Mom Should Know
As a busy mom, you may think that you do not have time for DIY. However, having just a few simple DIY skills can save you money and give you a great sense of satisfaction.

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