Vacation Pics!

Soay breed sheep on St Kilda - they don’t shear these sheep.  They shed their fleece naturally and in a clearly haphazard manner!

We’re slowly starting to get back to “normal” - we held our first monthly meeting in May, and regularly meet on Thursdays……and….even our Night Hookers group has started to meet on Tuesdays!  

We’re coming into the summer season, so we’ll revert to only Thursday and every 2nd Tuesday meetings for June & July.  Our next monthly (Monday) meeting will be September 26.

In the meantime, since the summer is upon us, and many folks are starting to travel again, I’m suggesting that we want to post photos of fibre-y things we’ve encountered during our holidays this summer.  There will be a facebook post linking to this blog post where you can publish your photos directly - or send them to me (nrhookers) and we’ll include them in a future blog post.

Since I’ve just finished a trip & found a few things of interest to rug hookers, here are my photos:

This was a hooked picture i came across on Magdalen Island - it’s fairly modern (i’m guessing 1990’s) and was done to commemorate the lives of the early settlers on the island.  It’s approx 16x12 and was done in a straight line/every hole hooked fashion (Grenfell-ish style), and was done with yarn.

This was the label accompanying the photo, pour ceux qui parlent français!

Another similar, but much larger project in Woody Point (Gros Morne) Newfoundland can be found in the park Discovery Centre.  Here’s the label to go with it:

And here’s the project - very large, maybe 5x8’.  Again, using very fine materials and a straight line style.

Here’s me in front of it, to give you an idea of scale (and yes - it was May and there was still snow on the ground.  The hat and coat were needed!)

And for something completely different, and NOT rug hooking-related, here’s an example of the traditional/ceremonial dress in southern Greenland.

The upper yoke is all bead work.  The thigh trim on the boots is embroidered and crocheted.

Now it’s your turn! Please share your photos with us!