Top Fall/Winter Fashion Trends among Students

Both fall and winter are knocking on our door, which means that it is time to say goodbye to the beach days and the summer vacations. The time comes to go to school again and dress up in longer, warmer, different wardrobe. And while you can pay for essay writing until you are back on your feet and into the college game again, you can’t really avoid filling your wardrobe with warmer clothes.

Students often struggle with wardrobe. What works and what doesn’t? How do you manage to appear trendy without the big budget? Thankfully, all these troubles will end for you today. Here are the top fashion trends that’ll roam your students days this fall and winter.
1.   Capes
Capes look classy, modern and trendy. They also come in many shapes, colors and most importantly, prices. This autumn, get at least one cape to wear outside. It is the fashionable alternative to a girl’s trench coat or a denim jacket of today.
2.   The Color Purple
You might not know this, but the color purple represents power and royalty. It’s amazing how something that you can find at a really low cost can make you give a reigning appearance in this new season. This year, our autumn and fall will be colored with the color purple in every outfit type and detail. You should stock up on different shades from valiant violet to soft, delicate lavender.
3.   Asymmetrical Neckline
Last year, we’ve all seen the trend of off-the-shoulder clothing. It was maybe a bit inappropriate for school but yet, everyone was into it. This year, the trend goes more into the appropriate category. This year, the trendy clothing lies in asymmetry and in your case, a neckline. So, get a one-shoulder top that highlights your shoulders and doesn’t display too much. Choose one based on your budget and your color preference.
4.   Leather
Leather and some more leather. This material doesn’t seem to go out of fashion but this year, there will be an emphasis on it. Leather goes beyond just a jacket. Now, it is trendy to wear a leather dress or a blouse, or even put leather on leather.

Thankfully, there are kinds of leather that look trendy and can fit into your budget.
5.   Darker Florals
You can’t welcome the cold, dark days with bright, summer colors. It’s simply too rebellious. This winter, stock up on some moody florals in the form of skirts, dresses, and tops. This is the lively print for the new season.
6.   Spots
Spots are finally back on the fashion stage. This year, spots will run the game. If you want to get some trendy clothes, look for spots. You’ll find them on everything and in every form. You may want to get a leopard print dress or a Dalmatian print skirt. This is the chance to get – spotty.
7.   Maxi Bags
Last year, people decided to go minimalistic. So, most students stocked up on mini bags, bags that could hardly fit your phone in.

This year, the fashion is more practical. For this year, get a big-sized purse that will do your items right. Go so big that it would allow you to keep your books in it. Not just your phone, but the bag should have enough room for your computer in it, too. This way, when you need a professional writing essay service and an essay writer to help you, you can just pull the tool out of your bag and get what you need. Getting homework help online has never been easier.
8.   Socks and Boots
This combination had its peak at the end of last season and this year, it will be even more emphasized. All those fabulous boots you have in your closet can finally be combined and look different. It’s cost effective and looks great, not to mention that it’s bound to keep you warm.

Get some socks that have a design you like, let their hosiery peek over the top of any boots you’re wearing, and take a bohemian stand while at school. Think bold – think sheer socks and combat boots.
9.   Power Suit
If you want to look professional and classy, power suits are the way to do it. Sure, you aren’t part of the career world just yet, but the cozy combinations available now put students right into the picture. There are some truly tailored sets and they are waiting for you.
10.  Jewel Tone
The fall and winter wardrobe tends to be dark, often even too dark. If you follow the trends in terms of colors, you’ll be dark and barely noticeable. Don’t let this happen to you. This year, combine your fall wardrobe with some jewels. It freshens your monochromatic outfit and makes you stand out.
11.  Plaid
The plaid options for wardrobe this year will be more frequent than ever. Go for it while there are still many options that fall within your budget – you won’t regret it.
12.  Cozy and Warm
In winter, we all want to get something fuzzy and warm and snuggle right into it. The cold makes us do this. This year, the trend is big bags and big, cozy and warm jackets. Go for lightwear and warm, maybe even puffy. This year, puffy will be the trend. Just choose your comfortable amount of puffy and get it.
It’s that time of the year again – the time to pack aside the small bits of clothing that barely kept you clothed in the summer, and get the warm ones outside. If you want to appear trendy and still get something on your student budget, these are the twelve things that will be trending this year.

About the Author:

Ray Campbell is a fashion designer with a never-ending desire to turn the world into a trendy and beautiful place. He gets his eye for details from his mother, a caring woman who worked on a sewing machine for three decades. His ideas are known as the ideas for the design future.


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