Top 65 Best Stitch Tattoo Ideas – [2020 Inspiration Guide]

One of the more popular Disney characters that people have chosen to get tattooed is the lovable but unpredictable alien from the 2002 film, Lilo & Stitch.   

Many people identified with the story of an older sister working hard to take care of her younger sibling and the mischief that ensues once the rambunctious Lilo meets the chaotic alien, Stitch.   

Adults and children both love the positive messages and beautiful animation of Disney films like Lilo & Stitch. Many people choose to get the characters and scenes from these idyllic films permanently inked on their bodies.   

The following pieces are great examples of the different styles and approaches people have chosen to create their unique and meaningful Stitch tattoo ideas.   

1. Black and Gray Stitch tattoo 

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There is just something about black and gray work that may people love. Maybe it’s the subtlety. Maybe it’s the way it reminds us of classical art film and black and white photographs. Whatever it is, just about any subject gains an air of elegance and respectability when applied in black and gray. This sophisticated approach to body art is turned on its head when the idea is applied to this wild and hectic Disney character.  

These tattoos perfectly capture these qualities and are great examples of how drawing on different approaches to black and gray art can create diverse interpretations. Some pieces take a loose approach reminiscent of gesture drawing, while others create photo-realistic interpretations that outshine the original animation. This group of Stitch tattoo design shows off just how versatile black and gray really is   

2. Black and Gray Leg Tattoo  

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Some people like to get tattoos on their arms so that they can show how important the images depicted are in their lives. Other people prefer getting a small tattoo in places that are more private and are only visible in the bedroom or at the beach. 

A nice compromise between these two extreme body art ideas is the leg tattoo. They give the wearer a higher level of discretion when it comes to who sees their ink and perfect clothing cover if needed, while still allowing them to show off their favorite Disney characters when they want.   

These black and gray Stitch tattoos are examples of how well this placement works for many people.  

3. Color Stitch Ink 

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Some people’s personalities simply cannot be represented with such a limited palette as black and gray so opt for a killer colour burst. Disney’s Stitch is the perfect subject for color work, and is partly why he’s universally one of the favorite disney characters to choose in art. 

Not only are the blues and violet’s that make up the playful alien’s coat a great excuse to colour burst brightly, but the variety of scenes in the movie—including Hawaii’s beautiful beaches, mountains and the beautiful hibiscus flower—provide ample opportunity for a tattoo artist to create brightly colored tattoo expressions.   

4. Upper Leg Color Stitch Tattooing
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The upper leg is becoming a more popular placement for tattooing. The thigh can be easily covered by clothing fabric and won’t interfere with a professional setting, while still being easy enough to show off when wearing shorts or designer attire. Also, besides the chest and back, the thigh is one of the largest canvasses on the body, making it perfect for colorful tattoo of Stitch. 

5. New-Wave Design 

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A new wave tattoo idea can use a variety of approaches to create art centered on Disney’s Stitch. Free to incorporate any number of different concepts—from dream catchers and abstract collages to reimagining Stitch as Alex from the classic dystopian story A Clockwork Orange—these pieces are great examples of what is possible when rules are thrown to the wayside.  

You’ll also find that Stitch can be used in epic cross stitch tattoo and embroidery tattoo design. This funky, relatively new needle look is a cracking way to make your Disney Tattoo stand out. Cross stitch and embroidery stitching aren’t applied – but the illusion can be made to look just like a craft patch you can buy. 

Click here for examples of the embroidery tattoo trend, featuring a range of Disney tattoo options and sewing ink ideas.

6. Ohana

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A piece on Stitch tattoo ideas would not be complete without Ohana. Meaning welcome in Hawaiian, ohana has a much wider significance and represents the bonds family, friends and neighbors cross stitch together. Ohana inspires them to look past their differences to help each other and pattern their community on helping and caring for each other. As they say in the film, “Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind. Or forgotten.”  

For more awesome galleries of Ohana tattoo design click here!  

7. Calf Colorful Tattoo

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Another popular placement for a Stitch tattoo idea, many people choose to get calf tattoos thanks to the ability to cover them with perfect clothing or show them off whenever they want. The calf is also one of the least painful places to get a tattoo making it a popular choice for first timers.  

8. The Upper Arm Stitch Canvas

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The upper arm has been a popular place to get tattooed for decades and remains a great choice for anyone that wants to show off their ink on a regular basis. Many people also choose to get a design here because of the ease with which an artist can incorporate the drawing into full sleeves down the line.  

If you’re unsure about tieing up such a popular part of your human canvas, then try a temporary tattoo before taking the plunge to see if it’s right for you. 

9. Watercolor Tattoo Pattern 

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A growing trend in tattooing sees artists using vibrant ink, bold outlines and a loose technical approach to mimic the effect of the watercolor classical art. Given the playful nature of Disney’s Stitch character it is no surprise that many people choose to get watercolor inspired tattoos dedicated to this unruly alien.   

Stitch Tattoo FAQs  

What does ohana mean?  

In the most basic terms, the Hawaiian ohana means welcome, although this is just the beginning of the significance behind the word. Ohana is central to the concept and message behind Lilo & Stich and inextricable part of Native Hawaiian culture.   

In a much broader sense, ohana refers not only to family but to extended relatives, friends and neighbors. Ohana represents the bond between all the people of a community and the way that they must support each other and work together in order for everyone to benefit.   

This concept has profound significance in the Hawaiian culture and is at the heart of the film. Perhaps Lilo herself said it best: “Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.”  

Is there a sequel to Lilo & Stitch?  

There is a sequel to Lilo & Stitch. Released in 2005, Lilo & Stitch 2 was released straight to video despite solid reviews from critics and fans. The film continues to the story of Lilo and unruly alien Stitch, this time in a race to save Stitch after preparations for a hula contest at school unveil a troubling secret. 

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