The World’s Only Corn Palace + 13 Unique Palaces Around the World

Where you can see the most beautiful castles and royal palaces in the world? Once these amazing places were homes of kings and emperors, now they are popular tourist attractions. Knights in shining armor, royal family members and stone walls that remember centuries of history – this is a common idea of a palace. Yet, some of them are quite different as they're made of corn, snow, or even trash.

Wait, what? Yup! For example, the Rubel Castle in Glendora, California, was made by Michael Rubel out of discarded bottles, typewriters, bedsprings, coat hangers, trophies, and whatnot. The snow castle is located in the north of Finnish Lapland. The best snow architects have rebuilt it annually since 1996. It has a snow hotel, a restaurant, and even a chapel!

Snowcastle of Kemi 0:20
Trash palace 0:57
Golden palace 1:29
Underwater palace 2:06
Cliff palace 2:33
Corn palace 2:57
Cave castle 3:35
The largest palace 4:05
The smallest palace 4:29
The heaviest palace 4:57
The highest palace 5:27
Hawa Mahal 5:54
Pena National Palace 6:15
Alhambra 6:39

Preview photo credit:
Corn Palace, Mitchell SD: By brx0, CC BY-SA 2.0,
Animation is created by Bright Side.
CC BY-SA 2.0
Emirates Palace Hotel, Abu Dhabi: By Zsolt Kristaly,,,
Slovenia Predjama Castle: By KLMircea,
Potala Palace: By Dr. Hans-Günter Wagner,
CC BY 2.0
Emirate Palace Hotel: By Rob Alter,
Cliff Palace: By John Fowler,
85 Corn Palace Corner: By cariliv,
Animation is created by Bright Side.

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