The Friday Bulletin. February 17, 2023

Timely nuggets of information and ideas we want to share with you.

Dogs love to play in puddles and snow.  When they get wet, we’ve seen these bathrobes for dogs used, and they work very well!  They dry the coat quickly. They can also be used as a sweater to keep them warm. They come in five colors and are $14.99 for the Small, $18.99 for the Medium, $23.99 for the Large and $26.99 for the XL.


We watched the new show Poker Face a couple of nights ago.  The first four episodes dropped January 26th and a new episode will drop each week for the next five weeks. We really liked the first episode which was written by Director Rian Johnson who wrote Knives Out. Subsequent episodes will be written and directed by Johnson and others.  Poker Face is a human lie-detector named Charlie Cale and played by Natasha Lyonne. The first episode sets up the overall theme of the series which is that she will be on the run from the ‘enforcers’ at a casino where she blew the lid off a scheme to take advantage of a wealthy gambler and pin two murders they committed on him.

Many people compare this new show to oldies like Columbo and Murder She Wrote.  Like Columbo, the viewers see the crime happening up front and watch the detective figure it out for the rest of the show.  Charlie Cale is not a real detective, but once she has sensed a lie, she can’t stop herself from finding out the truth. Charlie Cale is a wonderful character and Natasha Lyonne plays her perfectly. Like earlier mystery series, this is soft crime, not a challenging, tense, violent or hold your breath crime show.  Showing on Peacock.


These bandages allow you to match to your skin tone, so you don’t announce your injury with a contrasting bandage.  There are five shades, and they are latex-free.  A box of twenty pieces is $3.99.


These silicone baking pan lids allow you to store your freshly baked goods in their pan and not get stale.  They also aide in transporting your baked goods safely. They replace plastic cling wrap and aluminum foil. They come in two standard bakeware sizes. – 9” x 9” for $12.75, and 9” x 13” for $18.00.  They seal well and are dishwasher safe.



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