The First Milestone Met

Noise – in progress

Getting to 1000

Last week I hit a milestone with my long running art project – Noise. I completed the first 1000 units!

They don’t take up a lot of space – see the above photo. That is all of them lined up in stacks of 100.

The do generate a lot of trash. Neatly sorted into piles based on type. Which is part of the project. What this is all about will eventually be clear. First to me and then I can explain it to you.

To give you a hint – It’s my most content driven work to date.

In the mean time I’m immersed in the activity of building tiny color studies. Over and over again.

Occasionally they gather together in various states of completion:

Some noise units in progress at a gathering

Other Stuff

Right now my preference would be to spend 8-10 hours a day cutting and sewing and enjoying the color.

Alas, there are other projects that need to be tended to.

Such as Making Pesto – my favorite Autumn treat


And painting our house. This weekend, in addition to finishing the second coat on side one. I tackled the end bit of side two.

I’m not a fan of the ladder. And I can still do it. Can’t let that pesky fear of heights (and ladders) stop me.

From beige-y brown to gray

And I’m also doing a lot sketchbook work. We’re nearing the end of the current session of the sketchbook challenge and I’ve been focusing on being reckless. It’s quite joyful fun not worry about making a “mess”

A few of my pages

I’m putting in the hours and

  • having fun
  • making a mess
  • enjoying color
  • not worrying
  • and most of all – generating ideas

I believe – I know – that a sketchbook practice is a fundamental necessity of my art practice.

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