Step-by-step: how to make a indoor plant tray


Need a home for your smaller pot plants, herbs or succulents?Follow this step-by-step DIY guide to make your very own tray

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What you need:

Wood cut to size:
Base 2 pieces of 12mm x 72mm x 595mm
Long sides 2 pieces 8mm x 44mm x 595mm
Short sides 2 pieces 8mm x 44mm x 150mm
Uprights 2 pieces 8mm x 44mm x 150mm
Dowel 10mm x 74mm
Wood glue
Wood drill bit (10mm)
Panel pins
Measuring tape
Woodoc Colours Brights in Purple
Woodoc Water-Borne FLOOR Clear Matt (1 litre)
Paintbrush and tray/bowl

Step-by-step video:

6 steps to make a plant tray:

1. Glue the long sides, the base planks and the short sides together to create the tray.

2. Secure the sides to the base with panel pins.

3. Mark the centre and 15mm down from the edge on one side of the upright planks and drill a 10mm hole for the dowel to fit through.

4. Glue the upright plank forming part of the handle to the tray and position it in the centre of the short sides.

5. Dab glue onto the ends of the dowel and position it in place by pushing it through the holes in the uprights. Leave to dry.

6. Mix the Woodoc Colours Brights in Purple into the Woodoc Water-Borne FLOOR Matt Clear. Lightly sand the box and apply a light coat to the box, then leave to dry. Apply two to three coats depending on the intensity of the colour required. Remember that three coats of Woodoc Sealers must always be applied. If you have applied one or two coats with colour, apply the balance of coats with Clear Woodoc Water-Borne FLOOR Matt.

Place pretty succulents in planter pots into the tray as decoration.

Woodoc Water-Borne FLOOR. This is a modern sealer for interior wooden floors that is as tough and durable as it is good-looking. Its non-yellowing and is easy to apply and clean up, and is backed by the long tradition of Woodoc fine wood sealers. It may also be used on other interior wood, not just floors.

If you would like to make the planter for exterior use, Woodoc Water-Borne MARINE could be used. This exterior sealer is durable and provides UV-protection as well as water-repellence. The use of Woodoc Water-Borne Plus-Life PRIMER with the Woodoc Water-Borne MARINE will prolong the life of the Woodoc Water-Borne MARINE significantly.

Woodoc Colours are formulated to be added to the Clear Woodoc Sealer of your choice to ensure an easy and controlled application. Woodoc Colours are available in various fashion shades and wood shades and Brights, and can be used on furniture, wooden floors, wooden toys, wooden patio furniture, garage doors and gates.

For more information on Woodoc wood-care and maintenance products,

Videographer: Valentina Nicol


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