Salad and sticky cake: Anna Jones blood orange recipes | A Kitchen in Rome

The blood orange is a chink of light in the dark of midwinter. Make a meal of them in a rich, warm salad bursting with citrus punch, followed by a spicy, sticky cake

I am a food nerd. Every year when foods I like come into season, I get as excited as a normal person might about a new coat or seeing an old friend.

Right now, its blood oranges that have my attention. Dip dye ruby red when you cut into them, blood oranges arrive just when we need them: when its bleak outside. I realise I am a special type of nerd and, for a lot of people blood oranges are hard to find (if so, use clementines), while some wont even notice that they have come and gone. Thats why one of todays recipes is for cake, which Ill bet will get a few more of you excited, anyway.

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