Pimp Sh** Inspiration

The right motivation can depend on the day and the goal. We've all had those moments where the motivation was just not there. Ladies, I have to be completely transparent, lately I have lost a lot of motivation in my day-to-day life. As I look back on the past year, I wonder why have I lost "it". Not sure what my "It" was, after some soul-searching, I realized that I have to find it.

When I started out teaching, I wanted a career that would allow me the flexibility of living anywhere, nationwide. At the time, my motivation was love. I was 'SO IN LOVE' that I wanted to ensure a career that would allow me the flexibility to follow that love wherever it led me. Welp, life happened when "MY LOVE' called it quits on our 10 year relationship. Yes that is right..... 10 years.... Afterwards, I realized that GOD was providing me a path for my future. I realized that I was placed in those kids' lives for a deeper purpose. In reality, they became motivation to do more and add more to my life.

With that motivation (4.5 years ago), I started The Real Sample Size "The RSS". I was determine to inspire women to live their best lives through fashion. I have loved every step of the way of making a name for my brand. When I was diagnosed with diabetes last year, it seemed like my life shifted. My focus turned from the blog to my health. I know that most feel that talking about weight or weight loss is triggering, but it is literally about being healthy. Focusing on health isn't fun and glamorous, IMO.

So one day, I was cleaning around the house and I heard, 'I can't be messed with no, no you can't touch this aye, I do rich stuff huh, my money thick thick hey, I walk with a limp limp huh, I am on some pimp sh** aye, he say I am all about money,yeah, I am on that cash sh** aye.' Yes this is my favorite line from Houston's own, Megan Thee Stallion's "Cash Sh**" which inspired this post. Something so simple as cleaning the house listening to music has inspired me to create this look.

I wanted to end the WINTER blues with some "Pimp Sh**".....lol.... This is what the ELOQUII Teddy Coat made me feel like when I wore it for this look. As you must know, I do not purchase coats, but I had to indulge in the trend. The Teddy Coat is a soft fuzzy material which provides warmth and style. Just throw on your favorite jumpsuit or joggers for an ideal look.

Here, I paired the Teddy Coat with ELOQUII's Pleat Front Faux Leather Ankle Pants along with their V-Neck Puff Sleeve Top. The mixture of the faux leather with the tiger-like print gives an instant high-fashion look. For a pop of contrast, a white bootie to elevate the look. I know that most do not care for a white boot or shoe unless it is a sneaker, but a white boots or pump will set off any look. Just try it. I promise you will love it.

I am happy to be motivated once again and able to bring you a fun look.

Fashion is inspirational. What look motivates you to make moves? Whether you're in a phase in your life where you're a pimp or a pessimist, let me know you thoughts. Tell us how fashion changes your mood. I look forward to hearing from you. Until next time.......