Our Easter in Quarantine

Our Easter wasn't exactly what we had planned, but it turned out to be a pretty special Sunday. I haven't done an Easter Basket or egg hunt with Sophia partially because I didn't grow up doing it, obviously because I'm Jewish, but also because I think she's too young to comprehend any of it. Next year, I'll go all out on the basket and the egg hunt and hopefully we won't be in quarantine! We lucked out with a really beautiful day and made our way to a park a little bit further from our house. With everything starting to bloom it made it feel almost normal being outside. 
Sunglasses // Sweater (Similar & Similar)
Sophia was given this darling dress by a friend of my mom's and I was so excited to have her wear it. She looked like a little royal and did not want to take it off for anything! There is actually a little dress underneath, but again she loved the coat so much so she didn't want any photos without it on! 
Our neighbor saw that we went to take photos and told me that she'd take a family photo, from 6 feet away on her phone. These are certainly weird times, but grateful we still got a photo of the three of us! If you're noticing Gary's hair - he somehow trusted me enough to do a proper cut with a fade and everything! I don't think he'll be going back to paying for haircuts ever again!

There's a little nature preserve at the park and Sophia had the best time chasing squirrels, looking at the swans & trying to find fish in the pond. 
I also had every intention of making a lasagna for dinner, but we weren't able to get our groceries in time, so I found a local market that was selling frozen ones and they were able to drop it off with zero contact, which was a win/win! It wasn't the normal holiday we were used to, but somehow it was slow, yet still fun.