On History

Mom, that wood's stacked kind of high. It's icy. Be Careful.

Because you know, you have treats in that coat pocket.

It's hard to believe it's been almost 15 years since I started this blog
, 11 years since I sold the original Range, 9 years since I got married to blogger True Blue Sam's son my husband Partner in Grime, and 8 years since we lost Barkley.  Blogging has been sporadic the last few years with Dad's care, renovating a 100+ year old house, a job promotion, 2  rescue dogs, and writing/editing/marketing multiple books eating up most of my free time. 

Still, as long as it seems I've been here there are probably still some things you don't know about me.  

25 things you don't know about Brigid -

1. I once got sent to the principal's office for reading a copy of Road and Track behind my history book.

2. I started college at 14. It was the free-wheeling 70's but the reason I was the only girl on the campus not wearing a bra was that sadly, I was the only one that didn't need one.
3. I HATE tomatoes in their cold, seedy, alien, larval life form state.

4.  I will do aerobatics in a plane all afternoon but am afraid of the escalator at O'Hare if I have a roller bag.

5. I was jogging in the park when I realized I was in the middle of some college running event. Up ahead the tape for the finish line. What could I do? I picked up my pace, ran through the tape, arms raised, shouting. "I won! I won! and kept going.

6. In 5th grade Mom bought me the world's ugliest and sturdiest shoes. Money was tight in our house but I hated them. I beat them with a hammer, dragged them behind my bike for miles, and smeared peanut butter on them so the dog would play with them. After a month they looked suitably worn out. Mom dragged me to J.C. Penny to complain about the quality and got a replacement pair, EXACTLY the SAME.

7. I would rather watch Top Gear than ANY show involving shoes or fashion.

8. I used my first four-letter word. . . . loudly, on the pastor from the Lutheran Church. I used it quite a few more times before I hung up my wings.
9.  I  can choreograph an autopsy without blinking but went full girlie tears meltdown at PA State Cop once when Barkley got a hold of HALF a bunny when we were out for a walk and wouldn't drop it.

10.  I can play 3 instruments.  I can't whistle to save my life.

11.  I took ballet for 14  years and can still go "en pointe" in the right shoes.  Once.

12.  Without strong, hot tea in the morning I have the decision-making abilities of a squirrel crossing the road.

13. When I got married, I wore the whole princess bride outfit.  My garter, however, was leather and contained Ninja throwing knives.

14.  While on a "quick turn" on the ramp at SFO airport I used the lavatory on our airliner which had a window.  Used to only being in it at 30,000 feet I didn't close the shade and mooned half a dozen Samoan bag handlers. 

15.  I have never watched "Buffy", "Sex in the City", or any of the "Real Housewife" shows.  I can quote way too much of Red Dwarf.

Rimmer:  "Step up to Red Alert."
Kryten: "Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does mean changing the bulb"

16.  I don't drink, but I have a 2-pound bag of gummy bears hidden in my desk drawer.

17.  I have two sisters, found when my pre-adoption birth cert was unsealed.  One's an engineer, the other drives race cars when she's not an oncology nurse. 

18.  I don't own a SmartPhone.  

19.  I will not eat shellfish but once ate a roasted tarantula (tasted like chicken).

20.  I do not have a DROP of Irish blood despite the name the nuns gave me after I was born.  I'm Scottish/English/Ashkenazi Jew.  

21.  I modeled a few times in college for a skiwear company.  I have never skied in my life.  

22. I grew out my hair during COVID, no color, no highlights.  I expected full "silver fox".  I got a headful of dark auburn hair and maybe TWO grey hairs.  My husband just said, "even your hair is stubborn".

21. In 2008 I owned one dress.  In 2022 I own one dress.  It's the same dress.

22. I still cry, at taps, at the slaughter of the innocent, at the touch of an old orange dog collar that sits on the table by the door. 

23.  I still have this leather jacket and can get into it without a shoehorn.