New construction: Kitchen and living areas

Hi everyone, first post after reading a ton on GJ.
We are breaking ground in June on a new build and will have concrete floors in the kitchen, living room, dining area, and garage that doubles as a party room. Along with the 3-car attached garage. Our goal is to have a strong floor coating that will last many years with kids, dogs, and everyday life.

Desired finish: Stained concrete with a semi-gloss clear coat. I will do the work myself vs hiring someone. Yes, this will take a considerable amount of time.

Concrete: Steel trowel, smooth.

Color: I found an acid etch from "Concrete Camouflage", their Artist Grade Concrete Stain, that was featured in one of All Garage Floor's articles. I would post a link but not allowed since I need to build the post count. The color description; "Riverstone can be Greys or Browns. Usually a mix of light to medium greys on smooth concrete, and a medium brown, or darker grey on broom finished.Color: light to dark"

Clear coat: I really would like the product to survive years of abuse with little to no maintenance (is it possible?). I've focused research on polyurea products since they appear to the strongest with the ability for DIY. Legacy's Nohr-S and Armpoxy SPGX seem to come up frequently. However both appear to be very glossy. We would like a product to be semigloss to matte. Opinions?

Is the combination acid stain to etch the floor the right choice from Concrete Camo, or should I consider buying the acid and stain separate?
Is polyurea the best choice for a clear that will last? Any other suggestions?
Is anti-skid needed?

Thanks in advance! #Flooring