May stripes


Hi there! Phew, I’ve been slacking a little bit at blogging this month! But that’s okay. I’ll try and get caught up. This is my favorite spring month to blog! It’s just so pretty outside right now. But with the random thunderstorms here and there, cold fronts, and wind, I haven’t been getting dressed and outside too much lately. Thankfully we have some awesome weather on the forecast… sunshine and 70s (and more thunderstorms!) so I’m pretty excited about that. But yeah, I wanted to wear this cute little striped top that I picked up at Target forever ago (now out of stock 😔) but I love the colors — very spring-y! Blush pink and olive green is one of my favorite color combinations too, especially in this season. How are you guys doing? Hanging in there?


Things over here are pretty good actually! Life feels a bit more routine and settled. I’m doing totally fine working from home. I love getting out to run. Cooking meals. Tracking points. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight (intentionally, and will hit pause and maintain in another week or so). But it feels so great to be back into my goal range where all of my clothes fit and I feel confident! Some of my jeans are actually a little iffy right now… I wasn’t able to pull these up past my thighs at one point, and now the butt is looking kind of baggy. 😬 So yeah, my only goal was confidence + to have my clothes look and feel great, so I think I’m there. I’m excited to move into maintenance mode! Continuing my healthy habits, tracking points, and exercising, of course! Those are just things I love to do!


Otherwise, I’ve just been hanging at home a lot obviously! Watching Dead to Me (season 2), Hart of Dixie, reading through a book I’ve been meaning to tackle for forever, re-watching some old favorite movies… Almost Famous, anyone? I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing. Taking photos + continuing to blog has been great for me and a good way to stay connected to people through social media. Chatting with my friends. All good things! I even have some things on the calendar (gasp!). Michigan’s stay-at-home is set to expire end of May, and who knows what will actually happen, but the girls have a Wine Club planned. Hopeful we can be outdoors and engage in small gatherings at that point. Aaaand I booked a trip and bought a ticket for a lighthouse tour I’ve wanted to do for a long time out of Mackinaw City! I’ll get to see 6+ lighthouses…. four I’ve never seen before! So that’s at the end of June. Something to look forward to this summer hopefully!


Otherwise, I’m perfectly content this summer with just being low-key at this point. Getting in some sunshine, being outdoors more, hopefully being able to do small trips and travel while social distancing if needed, grilling out, going to a friend’s pool, getting a suntan, enjoying an ice-cream cone, riding bikes, continuing to run and be active. I’m excited for the small things! Well I hope you guys are hanging in there! I can’t believe we’re halfway through May already. Is time flying for anyone else weirdly? Going into quarantine, I was for sure time would just drag but it’s been going by so fast! Anyway, have a great weekend! xo


Outfit details:

Madewell Perfect Summer Jeans
ModCloth Coat (similar)
Target Button-Down Camp Shirt (similar)
Madewell Fest Aviator Sunglasses
Earrings (similar)
Madewell The Gemma Mule (similar)