I’m one of the biggest Halloween fans of them all — I live for all-things spooky, and I love dressing up and going to parties and getting to ditch my usual going-out clothes for something exciting and different

But more often than not, big costume plans turn into scrambling to put something together two hours before the bar crawl I’m going on and, for the third year in a row, ending up being Rachel Green once again (buying a Central Perk apron was the gift that keeps on giving!). While during Halloweekend, our Insta feeds will be flooded with celebs in costumes that took teams of makeup artists and custom costumes to create, it doesn’t mean that a great costume has to be a result of a ton of planning and money. There are plenty of costumes that can be executed literally one day before you go celebrate, and you won’t look any different than the people there who have been planning their outfits since January. This year, celebrate the season with one of these costumes, all of which you either have in your closet or can get on Amazon Prime in a snap — now you have no excuse to not go to the last-minute party invite you just got, sorry!

1. Us  dopplegangers

Grab your closest look-alike friend, and have one of you stay in the outfit you wore to work that day, and the other wear this red jumpsuit and (faux) scissors while following behind the other. You guys can argue over who gets to be who, but I want to be the doppleganger, all the way. Done and done.
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2. Big Little Lies  characters

The Monterey Five were some of the most notorious characters of the year, so you don’t need to go crazy to be recognized as their likeness. (Read: you can wear your normal clothes and people will still understand what you were after). To nail Celeste Wright’s look, all you need is a cable-knit sweater, grey sweater, and low, straight ponytail. If you’re more of a Bonnie, throw on a shawl and toss your yoga mat over your shoulder. If you want to stay extra warm, opt for Jane Chapman, and wear your black puffer vest, a green hoodie, and put your headphones in.

3. An Animal

As absolutely basic and predictable it is, sometimes you just need to pull out the black bodysuit and animal ears. With animal prints being all the rage as of late, you can also incorporate your go-to animal print apparel to take it up a notch. (If it’s cold — which it usually is on Halloween — pair them with your wubby). Pick your animal of choice and Amazon prime the ears to you for the last-minute costume that never fails.

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4. Sandy from Grease

Sandy’s a costume classic for a reason: you can throw it together with things you already own. Order faux-leather leggings or put those Spanx leggings to good use, and pair them with this off-the-shoulder-shirt and a coat of red lipstick with extra-curly hair.
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5. Makeup-Only Costumes

Lucky for us, there are plenty of costumes that require no clothing purchases at all — just some creativity with makeup. Check out The Everygirl’s tutorials on an easy giraffe, cat, and pirate costume that you can execute last-minute, and super inexpensively (probably with makeup you already own!).

6. A Vampire

Similar to the makeup-only costumes mentioned above, a vampire costume can be achieved with an all-black outfit, your favorite dark lipstick, and a little fake blood — and looks like you were probably planning your look for months. Bust out your leather leggings, a black bodysuit, and follow the tutorial above.
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7. The Bachelorette

Maybe the easiest costume of all-time, being the Bachelorette only requires one of the dresses sitting in the back of your closet that you haven’t looked at since sorority formal and a rose. Do your makeup like you’re about to go out, curl your hair into big, bombshell waves, and carry around a rose all night — there will be no confusion on what you’re supposed to be.
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8. Risky Business

I can’t write this without shouting out sorority life and frantically getting ready for themed parties last minute, and this might be the most-worn sorority girl costume of all time — but we’re not mad at it. Order big, black sunglasses; this long, white button-up; and a pair of white socks. It’s easy, effortless, and dare I say, pretty sexy when it’s put together. Bonus: you can wear the shirtdress and sunglasses for way more than Halloween.
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9. Ashley O.

I’m predicting it now: Ashley O. is going to be one of the biggest costumes of 2019. Miley’s iconic episode of Black Mirror had her rocking a pastel purple wig that would be fun as hell to wear to your Halloween parties this year. Wear all white and pop on this wig for a full-effort costume that only required the bare minimum.
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10. Cher Horowitz

This usually would require at least enough effort to get your hands on a plaid skirt, but given that plaid was such a big trend this fall, you might already have a plaid skirt in your closet. If not, Prime will save the day — just top this skirt with a white tank. Finish the look by giving your hair a straight blow-out — it’s the easiest costume you’ve ever worn.
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