Hey Pandas, Who Is That One Teacher You Hated In Your Student Life?

Look at the title.


OK, just a few entries, but so far, getting the impression we need to screen teachers to be sure they're not sociopaths.


Mrs. Tammy Taylor.
That woman was abusive. She was my first grade teacher and made my life hell.
She would blame me for every little thing that went wrong. Can't find her pens? She pointed at me. Can't find her gradebook? I must've taken it. I sneezed during a test and she took the test and ripped it up in front of me and cashed me a cheater in front of everyone. Once she made me stand in the corner for the entirety of a day and made me wet myself in front of the class.
I tried to tell my parents but I came from an abusive home so no help there.
Mrs. Taylor once isolated me by putting my desk in the bathroom in the classroom. I had to leave and go to the corner when someone had to use the bathroom but I wasnt allowed to use the bathroom. Once I decided to just go and she yelled at me from outside and opened the door on me and scream at me to get out. I was so terrified that from there on out, I started bringing extra pants to school in case I had to use the bathroom. I tried telling anyone who would listen but no one did. She painted me as a trouble maker. A liar.
Once she told the principal that I hit a kid even though that kid slammed a book into the neck of my head first. I got ISS for two weeks. ISS was held in the high school portion of the school and most of the time I was alone but I remember for the days there was this guy in there who hair whispering in my ear that I was going to die there. Mrs. Taylor came in while he was whispering and yelled at me about socializing. She put me in the empty closet in the classroom with a lamp and that's where I finished first grade. I listened to everyone play games, dance to music, have fun... And I sat in the closet. Forgotten. At 6 years old.
I ended up being bullied 24/7 growing up. At home and at school. It got worse when Mrs. Taylor became my fifth grade teacher as well. Often she made me write essays about why I'm a bad kid. Often she would accuse me of theft. Once I brought to school my sister's mp3 player and Mrs. Taylor confiscated it and claimed I stole it from a student. But no one else claimed it so Mrs. Taylor said I must've stolen it from her. I never got it back.
She once asked me if I was accused at home and I said yes and she told my parents at home that I was telling everyone I was being abused. My parents requested I be isolated for the rest of the year.
For the last six months of my fifth grade year, she kept sending me to the principals office who made me sit in the empty cafeteria room in front of the office facing a wall. I don't know why. I was forgotten. All I knew is no one wanted me around.
To this day, I still don't know what I did wrong. I went on to middle and high school and was bullied horribly. I tried committing suicide several times. Mrs. Taylor was part of the counseling board at my school and suggested I go to a mental health facility where I wasted three months and it made me want to die more. It didn't help. It only have my parents something else to hate me over. The school ordered I go. It costed my parents thousands.

I only have questions.
What did I do wrong Mrs. Taylor? Why did you hate me? Why me? Why wasn't I allowed to live?


My Government/Economics teacher prevented me from going to college.

He gave me an F for the semester because I didn’t turn in a term paper in time. I had a doctor’s note from the HOSPITAL stating that I had missed the due date because I was so sick. He refused to accept the paper.

My mother fought it all the way to the superintendent. I ended up with a D-, but due to Ed code that was all anyone could force him to do. I was a senior in high school. I lost my scholarship and was rescinded from my college, because of a late paper.

Over 30 years later, I hate that man for what he cost me with his damn power trip.


Sister Crescentwrench. Her nickname. She was vicious, abusive, cruel, and that was her usual day. On a really bad day, she pulled a kid by the hair so hard it came out in her hand and he bled all over. She didn't think my handwriting was neat enough, so she hit my hands with the edge of a metal ruler. I still have visible scars. She regularly told us we were going to hell. She needed to be in prison, not in a convent.


Sister Jane - thrid grade. I'll preface this by saying ALL of the other nuns at that school were wonderful and so full of love and joy, but Sr Jane was evil. She'd smack Paul's* (name changed) against the chalkboard every day, even if he hadn't done anything wrong yet.
After giving a math assignement that required a ruler, I was digging in my desk looking for my ruler - the old desks with the super heavy tops that you'd hold open with your head while you dug. She came up behind me, grabbed my hair and yanked my head back, causing the top of the desk to slam on my hands, and yelled at me for not working on my math.

Side note: we had "journals" that we woudl write - she'd write on the board exactly what to write in the journals. At the end of the year she allowed us to write whatever we want. I found that journal when I was in my 20s. My last entry was a detailed description of how I was going to kill her: I was going to sew thread between her toes and hang her upside down by it, then tape her mouth shut and pour melted butter into her nostrils so she'd drown.

You guys, I was 8. I had never seen a horror movie or anything violent at that time. I just hated her that much.


It was waaaaaaaaaaaay back in class 3. There was this regional language teacher who used to pick on me simply for being better than her own child who also studied there. She also used to give fake allegations for distracting other students and studying hard myself to make their marks drop and my one rise on me during PTMs (Parent-Teacher-Meeting). But I never saw her again after class 3, not in the whole school


My 6th grade teacher saw a kid punch me in the chest and instead of doing anything about it, lied and said she knew nothing of it. Then the rest of the year she made it hell for me. Her husband was my high school principal and he was pretty nice. They now have a school named after them. I really wish it was just named after him.


My elementary school counselor. She made the generic excuses for bullies. “Are you sure he doesn’t like you?” Yes bish, he is BULLYING ME. “Everyone is bullied at some point in their life.” Well I’d rather have you at least try to help me than just let me have trauma. She also tried to blame me as well.
Tl;dr - my counselor from elementary school.


HATED my 1st year college art teachers. The man did little more than sit in a corner, hated teaching, hated students, quietly drinking himself to death in his private office when not in class. The woman was an older lady who LOVED her male students, hated anything produced by the women. Sorted her out by not signing my work, waited for the evaulation and only claimed it AFTER she had fawned over it in front of the entire class. Their art was mediocre and derivative. I’ve made a living at art all my life and looked for the talent in others. Best revenge is a great art!


I was 6/7. My teacher held me back when school ended for the day because I was apparently chatting or being naughty etc. A mother was dragging her crying child along the corridor she told the teacher "Some kids just do not want to leave school do they", The teacher agreed, nodding towards me doing my schoolwork, "I've got one here that does not want to go home either!"

Cow. Keeps me back. Then makes it look like I want to stay. I picked up my coat and lunchbox and left.


Still a student and I hate the teacher I have for science. Reason why is she would make class harder on me. (I am mentally unhealthy, I have anxiety, depression, and sleeping issues I cant handle) and she gives me major grade projects when I have 12 other things to do, she told me that if I fell asleep while others were presenting then she would take point off major grade projects, etc. she will YELL AT KIDS and it makes me upset ;-;


My kindergarten teacher her name was mrs.wood and I did not hate her I just really hated this blackboard thing she had if we did a bad thing she would move are name backwards and I have adhd and was constantly super hyper so I would I’ll was be one of the last names


In college I had an ethics teacher that taught ethics like there was a right and wrong answer. It drove me nuts. If a doctor has a life saving cure, should they be allowed to charge people for that cure? The answer is not simply yes or no. That is where the ethical debate comes in but there is no right or wrong answer. There may be morally better answers than others but there is never an absolutely right answer or an absolutely wrong answer.


I won't name her, but my 3rd grade teacher. She'd get on her knees and pray when anyone "acted up" (it ranged from talking during her lectures to not having tied shoes). She favored the male students, and never (and I mean never, I can't recall a single time) called on female students during math and science. My friend was in tears because he'd cut his finger on his backpack zipper, and she told him to "be a man" and that no woman would want him if he was a "girly boy". Once, she yelled at me for wearing pants (there was a uniform) instead of the skirt because it made me look gay. Yes, she told a third grade girl that pants were gay for women to wear. She was very obsessed about not leaning back in chairs, and would go so far as to yank kids to the floor by their hair if they did.
There were a lot of awful teachers at that horrible school, she might not even be the worst...


My 7th grade language arts teacher really hated me and a few other kids. For context we weren't bad kids, I have always been that quiet kid who tried to get his work done. A story that comes to my mind is one time in class, a kid (who just so happened to be one of her favorites) was poking me in the back with a pencil. I got a bit frustrated and told him to stop. The teacher called me rude for telling the kid to stop poking me. She was also just generally rude to me. Other kids noticed too. One time in gym class (took place right after LA). A classmate was like "wow Mrs. Karen (not her real name) is really mean to you". My other teachers that year were nice however.


3/5 of my 5th grade teachers fit this bill. 1 of them was sexist (consistantly when a girl was being loud and obnoxious nothing yet when my friend asks me for a pencil it's detention). My math teacher just refused to grade my work in the last month of school, that was ththe first time I had gotten a C and it was in a class I did all the work in. And my absolute least favorite teacher was my english teacher who gave ME longer assignments, and just didn't like me. She would also ignore me, and threaten me with calling my mom nearly every day for getting mad at her for any reason. When I said "alright then I'll just tell her WHY she is getting this call" she would then stop threatening calling my parents. I could put a couple more incidents that occurred with her, But this is getting a tad bit long, and looking back on it I am a bit of a smart a*s so maybe some of it was justified.


Ms. chelf from the very moment she saw my skin she despised me to the fact she failed me on purpose and accused me of cheating on tests. thankfully the next year she retired so I didn't have her when i had to retake the class but if i ever see her again i will spit in her eye.


John Vernon Spear. We used to catch him regularly looking down the blouses of girls in his class. He taught math, and would come to students' desks and hover over them while 'helping' them work through problems (geometry proofs, calculus derivatives, etc), while checking them out. He later got divorced, then married a former student. Girls got better grades in his classes than guys for the same quality work.


I was in preschool about 4 yrs old. ( 11yrs later and I still hate her.) we had a fun day and the teacher insisted I got on the merry go round. I have bad motion sickness. I got on and she spun me and a couple of other kids about 10000000 mph. That's what it felt like. I still hate her. I threw up shortly afterward.


Ms.Smith. My first grade teacher. She had one favourite and treated the rest of us like s**t.


Male high school maths teacher at a coed school used to have nude posters of women pinned up around his classroom. (this was the seventies so - incredibly - he got away with it.) When a group of girls approached him and asked for them to be taken down because they made us feel uncomfortable he just laughed. That's what he was like. He drove a Hillman Mini. One day some hefty lads picked it up and turned it 90 degrees so it formed the bar of an H between the cars parked on either side. He left not long after.


Mrs. Everett, my 7th grade reading teacher. She didn't like me from day one. Part of it may have been my first name was the same as her ex husband's. When it came time for Open House where parents meet the teachers, she told them how I was. None of it was true but she sure was wound up about it. Never did have anything nice to say and glad I only had to put up with her for that one year.


Mrs MacDonald, Std 1, 1980, Irene Primary, South Africa. Tried to force me to be right handed.


My honors world history teacher in 11th grade. I did quite well with history classes and I always enjoyed learning history. She snuffed that joy inside me and she made the entire class nervous. You could give the correct answer but she would dock points because the answer was not "short and precise" (her favorite jargon) and not how she liked it to be written.


I never hated any teachers until I got to college. I loved to discover and find out as much as possible about new stuff across the curriculum. I liked taking apart something that didn’t sound right to either prove it wrong or to understand why it was actually correct. I was excited to go to class. (School was NOT fun outside of the classroom though.) I was so fortunate live in a school district that was very opposed to passive learning and encouraged me in my efforts to find out and understand everything. I was never told that it was rude to question a teacher. My input to class discussions was not only allowed but encouraged. That was up in a northern state where I had grown up in a very rural area. THEN for some crazy reason I headed off to college in a southern state. Whoa!! All the things my earlier education had encouraged was not there. I must say it took me a long time to figure out why I was so miserable in my classes. Compared to before I was being stifled. There were different expectations for males and females. That was a real shock to get used to. There were so many teachers I had there who either criticized me for my questions or other input or just pretended I wasn’t there, ignoring me completely. Since this question came up I have been trying to recall if there was any teacher there that made me feel welcome in class. I can’t think of any. (While I did not enjoy school at all outside of the classroom in high school, I found the exact opposite to be true at college. Alcohol is a great field leveler!


2 teachers, one taught me and one didn’t

The one who taught me is my current English teacher. She’s secretly queerphobic and likes giving out Fs with no reason why (funny how her last name begins with F)

And I ask you to mentally prepare yourself for this next one because OH MY GOD the things he’s done without going to jail.
the one who never taught me did as follows.
-raped me (I was 3 in fking overalls don’t say I asked for it)
-knocked me unconscious whilst raping me
-neglected teaching his class (bc he was committing crimes)
-threatened multiple kids who witnessed him raping people with guns while in school
-raped several other students (males too)
The teachers just acted like it was any old Tuesday whenever this happened. The headmistress also did next to nothing anyway, let alone do things about the criminal.


The Headmaster at my primary school. I duxed the year but because I was so young he wanted me to repeat the year. For once my mother sided with me and said no, I was going on to high school. Out of pure spite the Headmaster changed my grades so I was beaten by the boy who ran second. I never forgave them for doing that to an 11 year old......


My middle school english teacher was the type to go "you can ask me anything about the material" then when you did ask her she would make fun of you for not paying attention and tell you to go figure it out yourself
Also would constantly mock kids for other things like answering wrong, stuttering, misreading words, etc. and forcing the others in class to laugh at the poor kid


My art teacher gave me detention for talking in an art exam. We were only drawing


Well, I can't hate anyone, luckily, but I think one of the worst teachers I've had ever was the ICT teacher I had in secondary school: he readed the unit and then, we did the test, so most of us didn't pass. We told him and he said he had been explaining the unit for weeks. We told the other teachers what was happening and they said ''each teachers is different, that's his way to teach you'', so we have never solved it. I think he hasn't change, so he is going to do this for years and years and years... So sad, truly.


Oh boy. The "sex ed" teacher at a Catholic high school. Look, I get it, you have an angle, a very specific angle, on this subject... But this woman managed to make me feel like an alien in every class she taught. It's a vulnerable time of life and she was not a safe person to discuss sex and gender with. She wasn't mean or anything, just... clearly, she didn't know how to handle people who are unlike herself.


Some were absolutely annoying and some were a bit harsh. But none were as bad as Ms. Despotopolis* in Grade 1. She threatened to cut our hands off with the big paper cutter. If you weren't looking at her the entire time during carpet time, she'd sit you in front of her because she sat with her leg crossed on a chair and said she'd kick you in the head if you talked to any of the kids. And she'd place you between either 2 boys if you're a girl, or 2 girls if you're a boy. She said this was so you'd feel humiliated. So, our young minds associated the opposite sex as embarrassing to sit next to.
Someone in the next class had their lunch stolen. The teacher in that classroom called the police.
I think there were a couple good teachers at that school. The first half of grade 2 before I moved was okay, I think.

Other than that, I can't really think of a teacher that I hated to the point it they stuck in my head. My Grade 6 teacher wasn't too popular. She made a girl cry over her artwork and made us write notes all morning and afternoon instead of actually teaching us the material.


I had one named Mrs Robin. She hated kids. One of my friends accidentally cut herself with scissors (webbing between thumb and pointer. It was bleeding) and she blamed it on her. I stood up to her that time and she made life hell for me. I had undiagnosed ADHD too, and I was the best student in the class, but I just couldn't sit still or let her be a b***h to other kids.

She was a kindergarten teacher too.


My 4th grade teacher would say "what are we drawing?" And take my paper and throw it away. Also any teacher that uses the royal we annoys me. Oh also any teacher that closes my Chromebook or physically takes things off my desk.. ;-;


I had a teacher in 5th grade named Ms.Dingle. We would call her Ms.Dinglebat occasionally. Anyway, she made the tests the hardest frickin thing and didn't even teach us anything. Like, I learned NOTHING. AT. ALL. And after tests, she would call us all up in groups to go over things but she would call the people who got the worst grades first so if your name was called last or close to last everyone knew you got a terrible grade. She basically embarrassed everyone who got a bad grade. I HATED her and pretty much everyone else did too. I know this isn't as bad as what other people have gone through but I still hated her.


Ooh, I had a few.

Probably the worst one crossed paths with me quite a bunch of times during my school career. He was my computer science teacher, then my maths teacher, then my physics teacher and then maths again. He might have known a lot but teaching was just not in his ways, his lessons were boring, narrow-minded monologues and the way he dealt with student lacked any empathy, which was particularly harmful as his explanations were so bad. Once I learned that he originally was a communications engineer with no educational background whatsoever, who changed careers into teaching twenty-something years ago, I wasn't puzzled one bit. He retired during my second to last year in school when he was my maths teacher again, and I celebrated him leaving right in his face. Ironically, his replacement was one of the best teachers I ever met in my time overall and probably the first capable maths teacher in particular, as I went from always being between C & D suddenly to an A student.

Another maths teacher I had when I was still a bit younger, would better have been teaching at university. His methods were so complicated and at the same time his expectations so impossibly high, even most of the parents didn't get his explanations when he held a parents meeting.

Then there was this guy who already came to my school with some baggage to start with. Apparently he was fired from his last school because he f****d one of his students (of legal age, so no jail time or anything involved). He was my teacher in one of my A-courses, and for most of the time, I had a kind of like-hate-relation with him. But as soon as word started going around that his wife was divorcing him (no idea if the wife was the student he had an affair with), he started taking it out on us students. He got grumpy, mean and for a while he seemed to have forgotten about teaching at all. Then, on a field trip, something broke and he suspected it being my fault. I have to admit, it WAS my fault, but he couldn't have proven it, he just supposed it had to be me and that was enough to go with. And when I didn't give in to his accusations, he called my mother about it, like an elementary school teacher. Mind you, I was 17 at the time and basically already living by myself at the time. So some time later, I did what every over-confident teenage sadist-in-the-making would have done, and found out his mothers phone number, called her and lectured her about the inappropriate behaviour her son showed "towards the other students in school." She was so perplexed, she didn't even think of interrupting me or hanging up. Disappointingly, she either never told him about the call or he chose to not mention it towards me or my class.
Ironically, his rough patch with the dicorce and all ended just about the time when our lessons wrapped up and on the very last day before the final exams, we had kind of a truce and drank some water bottle vodka together.

Then there was this lady, my arts & crafting teacher. She was a really weird person, seemed so involved in her teachings that it was hard to imagine her having a private life enjoying other stuff than just ancient sculptures and roman church windows. She just didn't like me from the very beginning, didn't even give me a chance to get a good grade no matter how much effort I put in, so i just stopped doing that. One day, ma glasses broke during PE before her lessons, so I had to squint my eyes a bit to be able to read the board in the front. After about 20 Minutes she told me she was irritated by my look and sent me home. Didn't complain since it was the last lesson in the afternoon, but it was a weird thing to do for a teacher.

Last one was a music teacher. No special anecdotes about him, he was just a boring jerk who very obviously enjoyed giving all his students a hard time and got even more agitated when, as a result of this, more and more stopped participating at all and just didn't give a f***k any more if they failed his class.


zachery morita. his name doesn't even deserve to be capitalized. he was the worst, always insulting me and other classmates. one kid attempted suicide because of him. was in 6th grade. he hated me and would dress code me for no reason, making up random reasons. he made several kids cry EVERY DAY. i hate him and was actually going to kill him once i figured suicide would help protect others from him. then i was caught with the gun in my bag. :(


12 years old, gym glass. what are we doing? the Bunny Hop. detention for lack of enthusiasm


I never hated teachers. The only exception was my third-grade English teacher. WAY TOO LOUD.


Robert J. Duncan an alleged science teacher. I was an excellent student at the top or near the top of every class in high school until my senior year when I had the misfortune to have this man for physics. The 1st 3 years of HS with a different teacher I scored in the 98th percentile or above..then came Robert Duncan. His idea of teaching was this. You entered the class and Duncan opened His notebook and began writing on the chalkboard(yes I am that old) . This continued for the entire period. The students were to just open their notebooks and copy what he was writing. Their was no discourse at all. I quickly learned that questions were not welcome. Early in the year there was some concept that I could not grasp so I raised my hand and when called upon I asked for clarification. His answer was "Re-read it, it is self explanatory" I attempted to continue to ask and he just turned back to the board and continued writing. It was a very small school with a very small class so I had no options regarding teachers. ANY student who asked a question received the same answer "re-read it it is self explanatory" so it was not just a personality conflict between him and I. This man had no concept of what teacher meant. It was so frustrating. I took what was called advanced math courses from algebra to beginning calculus and the man teaching that would Explain concepts if you had a question. He would continue until he was satisfied you understood. He was a TEACHER! Unfortunately I allowed my frustration with Duncan to get to me to the point that I finally dropped the class, but I had waited too long into the school year so instead of being able to take a different subject I was assigned to a "study hall " for that period. Study hall was just a classroom with a teacher as monitor where you could work on any assignments that you may have. So I received an incomplete in physics(I most probably would have failed it anyway) and that incomplete really trashed my GPA. To the best of my knowledge Duncan retained his position until retirement. IDK how because he most certainly was not a teacher. I had enough credits to graduate but my class position was no where near what it was. I was fortunate enough to have a great career in the field I loved but as any one can see 50 years later Duncan is still in my head to some degree!


Can't say I honestly hated anyone until my last year in college. My advisor. He had apparently been an important somebody in his field many years before, and his ego had never deflated. Coming close to graduation, and something is wrong with my credits - I was short an hour credit because I took a higher level math course than required, got a good grade, but the course itself was one less hour of credit than the more basic course that was required. I was not going to graduate in December, and it was November! I run to my advisor, who says "I can supervise you doing a project that will count for an hour of credit, but I'm out for a few days so come back on Monday to discuss." Went back to discuss. "There's nothing I can do for you and it was ridiculous to think that you would have time to do a project this late in the game." He could have told me that to begin with, but he liked to crush souls. I was devastated to have be the first person in my family to graduate college and have to go back with very little notice to tell them I wasn't going to graduate. One of his staff was aware of the situation, pulled me aside and said "you know, a lot of people walk across the stage that haven't actually finished". She set everything up for me, I got to "graduate" in December - walked across the stage with my class and got my empty tube like everyone else (you actually go pick up your diploma when you turn in cap/gown). The next quarter I took an evening class to get that last hour of credit. My advisor never "advised" me of any options, just said it was all my fault and there was nothing to be done.


My History teacher. In the UK we have Heads of Year and she was my little sisters HOY. My sister was being severely bullied by a girl in her year, coming home most days with ripped clothing and bruises. My parents repeatedly tried to get this HOY to do something about and all she did was get them both in a room at the same time and ask what was going on. My sister was scared that something would happen to her, so said everything was fine. My parents made the decision to take my sister out of the school. The day that they visited a new school, this girl put tipex (whiteout) in to another girls eyes and blinded her. If my sister had been in school, that would have been her. A complaint was put in to the School board about this HOY for not doing anything about the bully.

Well, this women then spent the next 6 months bullying me, it got so bad that I had to drop the lesson from my GCSE's and I'd spend that time in the Library studying other classes. Thankfully her head of department saw her behaviour and she was promptly fired, but it was too late for me to pick up the class again.


Student here

Not exactly a teacher but a school orchestra conductor
Back when I was Primary 6 (US Grade 6, UK Year7), the previous conductor resigned and emigrated and the school hired another. At first he seemed fine, but he started yelling at the ENTIRE orchestra for trivial things, such as making a peep when it wasn't your turn to play or not listening properly when you were literally at the other side of the room and couldn't get the whole of it. He also pretty much expected us to play a piece satisfactory once received it when the majority were P4-5s without much experience in more complex pieces than they could handle.

Fast forward to the rehearsal for the Christmas celebration performance, and I, along with other trombone players were asked to substitute the bassoon. I also had to play the euphonium part in certain parts of the piece. In another one, it was the hall of the mountain king, and I had solo parts. This is where it started. My parts were played with the cellos, and came when they were in rest. I had a bit of trouble catching up the beats, but ironically I played it perfectly on the first try(I had listened to the piece a few times prior). Afterwards, the conductor pretty much expected me to play my part perfectly, and berated me every time I missed half a bit. This gave me a lot of pressure along with the Secondary school interviews, and I would occasionally weep quietly in my room, once even mid-practice. what's worse was that some others saw me, but remained silent so as not to alert the conductor and cause him to berate me more.

Needless to say, this gave me depression, but only to play along and please him as he wanted, while the performance went on fine

It has been four years, and I now barely have any signs of expression and is perpetually depressed from this ordeal. I still perfectly remember this incident. He has still been the conductor after I left, but I don't know any issues that came from him. I still hate him for turning me from a happy kid to an expressionless and miserable sod, though my insecurity came from being a teenager.


Mrs Brotherton. she made life miserable for so many kids in 4th grade.


My Pre-Algebra teacher in middle school (age 12 here in the US) who taught me to hate math. To be fair to him, I'd just moved to town, my records took an inexplicable three extra weeks to get the 24 miles from my old school to this one and they wouldn't put me in the advanced math class until those records arrived. When I was finally placed in the class, I was student #34 in the room and that many students overwhelmed him. He told me that I would get no help from him to catch up and ruled his class with violence (cracked the blackboard with his fist, threw books), bullying and belittling when people would do proofs at the board ("From what world did you extract this mess of a computation?" was a favorite of his). I had loved and excelled at math until this class. I hated math after this and avoided it except for bare requirements until grad school when - as a master's candidate in music composition - I rediscovered the wonders of math through my explorations of music theory. This made me love math again, only now I could make cool music with it!


Not me, but my brother. At 8 years old, his teacher told him he didn't belong at his school, yelled at him for eating breakfast, and so much more. What a k**b.


Lets call her miss E
Miss e was very rude to me and all other students at that time. She had the mindset of a Karen if it decided to teach. I remember one time on pajama day she made us write an essay about the polar express because "there is no exuse for not having work on a school day". We had a program set up to where if we played a "active activity" at recess. We would get a chance to participate in a relay race that would fund the school to continue to be healthy. She hated me so much at that point in time she FORCED me to join. Didnt even tell me until they called people to the gym for the race. I lost. She yelled at me. Another time a new student joined except he didnt have supplies. Now im happy to help the needy and all but I was poor too. All I had was a pack of markers and some scissors. So I knew what the teacher was gonna do to get me to pass over what little I had. She made us do a project at home that involves scissors. When she saw me with them she took them away because I was "playing with them" but guess who I saw them with the next morning ?

Anyways im gladd im away from that school. I heard shea comING to teach as a professer in my college. I might give a follow up


My 8th grade Gym teacher. I’m not going to name him but he HATED me. I was the pitcher on our team for the baseball unit and then he yelled at me for being left handed. He would just yell random stuff and then say “fix it.” And told us to continue playing. I got so fed up with it that I just said “Excuse me, but I was on a nationally ranking baseball team, as the pitcher, oh, and guess what?! I did it left handed! So when you give me random c**p about me being a Southpaw or whatever and shut up. Now, tell me who’s right, me, the nationally ranked left-handed pitcher, or you, the 8th grade study hall teacher who had an extra spot to fill and decided that gym would be fun?” And he had absolutely nothing to say. Of course, when we did soccer volleyball and basketball he was the meanest to me ever but it was sooooo worth it. Oh, and during the mile run I was about to win (I think of everything as a competition) and he PANTSED ME IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE CLASS. I got third because of that. I have a lot more but this is really long.


My kindergarten teacher was a b*tch. I was taller; which made me a target for her anger.


My teatcher of Ethics. He did'nt like me because my grades were beter than his daugter's. There are many examples, but the most memorable:
Once, before Christmas, he asked our class what we want to do on last lesson before holidays. Since it was the very last lesson, I answered - go home.
Yeah, he left all class after school and said it was may fault.


I have a few learning disabilities and at university I was given a whole lot of support for them. They gave me a laptop to take notes with rather than use pen and paper, specialist programs to help me write my papers, recording software to help me catch things I might have missed in lectures and some other things too. My professors were even asked to print out their digital materials for me on coloured paper as I struggle to read black print on white backgrounds.

At the beginning of each semester my professors were given a break down of of my learning disabilities and what things I was given to help me through it. They had to sign a sheet of paper saying they had read through everything and then return it to student services who would then inform me that all my teachers knew what was up.

Well this one professor singled me out the first day of class, asked me if I had asked permission from the rest of the class to use a laptop. She didn't give me time to answer (not that I knew what to say as 100 plus eyes are just looking at me) before she then asked why I felt myself more important than everyone else that I should be using a laptop when I have a perfectly good hand that can take notes and not distract the other students. She then told me to come to the front and ask the entire class for permission to use my laptop.

My exact words of permission were "I have learning disabilities would it be alright with everyone here if I use the laptop the university gave me to take notes during lectures?" The professor and the rest of the class were rightly stunned and the professor asked incredibly flustered why I didn't just say that to begin with rather than cause this scene. I explained about the paper she signed saying she understood my circumstances, she swore up and down she never got one so she can't be blamed before sending me back to my seat.

The rest of the semester she did her utmost to avoid me, never printed out her digital materials for me even when I asked her she just blew me off and if it was my time to speak during debate sessions she would cut me off and move on to the next person. One time I was meant to have a one on one session with her and she just never showed up but showed up for everyone else's sessions. In the end I'm so glad our papers were submitted anonymously else I honest to god think she would have failed me just because she could.


My PE teacher. She was a bully. She had her favourite students (mostly athletes) and others she bullied (to the point one kid hurt himself while doing what she had pushed him into). This was like 10 years ago and I think these things were more overlooked back then. She was friends with the other teachers so any complains from kids were useless. I think she still teaches at that school but I also heard that there have been several complains from parents and several incidents.