Easter Tea & Chocolate Pairings

If you choose carefully, tea and chocolate can taste wonderful together, so in celebration of Easter, we have partnered with Highland Chocolatier to bring you a selection of our single origin teas that perfectly complement their exquisite, gourmet chocolates.

After many rounds of expert tastings, these pairings were selected by JING’s Head of Tea, Tom Price in collaboration with Master Chocolatier, Iain Burnett.

For the best taste experience, we recommend tasting the chocolate first as it will coat the mouth, before allowing the tea to warm, melt and moisten, which will in turn highlight the aromatic components of the chocolate.

JING Assam Breakfast


Paired with Highland Chocolatier’s Milk Velvet Truffle

A classic favourite. This is a really satisfying tea with a honeyed malty richness that pairs so well with the milky finish of the truffle. The malty notes in the tea are highlighted and complemented by the milky-sweetness of the truffle, whilst the tea cleanses the palate for the next morsel.

JING Dragon Well


Paired with Highland Chocolatier’s White Lime & Chilli Velvet Truffle

Our Dragon well tea has a wonderful balance of sweet sappiness and vegetal flavour. Iain has achieved the same balance of sweet white ganache in bitter dark chocolate. Together, they are wonderfully complementary, and the chocolate ganache highlights a touch of citrus in the Dragon Well.

JING Phoenix Honey Orchid


Paired with Highland Chocolatier’s White Raspberry & Heather Honey Velvet Truffle

This tea is heady with lush dessert wine aromas and exotic fruit notes, which perfectly complements the honey and vanilla in the chocolate. The raspberry fruitiness of the chocolate is also accentuated and supported by the fruit complexities in the tea for an uplifting taste experience.

Vintage Imperial Puerh


Paired with Highland Chocolatier’s Dark Velvet Truffle

A pairing of fantastic synergies, transporting you from the tropical, humid island of Sao Tome to the dense forests of Yunnan. Majestic and complex with a rich palate of spice, fruit and earthy notes, our Vintage Imperial Puerh takes you on a similar journey to the complex ganache of fruit, spice and cocoa tones of the Sao tome chocolate. The bitterness in the dark chocolate really allows the similarities of fruitiness in the chocolate and the tea to come to the forefront.

C O M P E T I T I O N 

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