Duchess Kate wore yellow Emilia Wickstead to the Jubilee church service

Here are some photos of the St. Paul’s Cathedral arrivals of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall. They are the most “senior royals” at today’s Jubilee service, given the Queen’s absence. As such, they were the last ones to arrive. The arrivals seemed to be organized at a military pace though, they all came one after the other and they each got their moment on the steps. I kind of think the roar of the crowd was a lot bigger for Harry and Meghan.

Duchess Kate wore a yellow Emilia Wickstead, and Duchess Camilla wore an embroidered coat by Fiona Clare. Both women wore Philip Treacy hats. I’m sure the loose dress code for the service was “light colors,” and since Kate wore white at Trooping, she decided to organize a new Wickstead for this. I find Kate’s look very Easter-y? And while she actually looks good in yellow, I feel like she needs a bolder shade. I actually like Camilla’s coat a lot. It’s a little bit gaudy and rich-bitch, which is why I like it.

PS… Unlike the service of thanksgiving/memorial service for Prince Philip, it does not appear that any of the royals brought their children for this. No Cambridge kids, no Sussex kids, etc.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.