Diary of a Homemaker’s Week: Second Week of January 2021


Saturday:  We've had a nice relaxing Shabat in our home.  It was so cold!  It never went over 38F today and the promised sunshine?  Peeked in the window about 4:30 and then slipped behind the clouds again and was never seen again.  Pooh!

We kept the little propane heater on all day long and even so the heat pump would periodically come on in an attempt to keep the temperature up  indoors.   I don't think we ran the propane heater much last year or the year before.  In fact, I distinctly remember feeling sorry for the propane company because they made little money off us those two years.  Perhaps this year will be better for them.  I always figure propane into my budget starting in August since we typically get our first fill-up in September.  Some years the last fill-up comes in March and others it's in April but never beyond that do we see the man unless it's time for tank maintenance.

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