COVID-Conscious Organizing Tips

Our business, organization and relocation, is an intimate one. We work emotionally close with our clients to create trust, organization and ease of flow in their homes. Never has this been more valued than right now during a pandemic. Welcome to staying home, staying safe and let's make your space updated to the new "normal!"

Here are some easy COVID-conscious tips for your home: 

1. COAT CLOSET - Each person should have their own separate container for their hats, masks, scarves and gloves. Add a label with their names on it!  

ADD ONE MORE CONTAINER for unused masks, disinfectants and nitrile gloves. Easy to grab when anyone walks in or out the door!

2. KITCHEN DRAWER - We suggest using one drawer near the kitchen sink for safety. In that drawer add a small emergency kit, thermometer, masks, gloves and disinfectants. Easy to offer when you have any guests, workers or company. Don't hesitate to USE the thermometer with permission. Your home, your rules.

3. BACKUP STORAGE - Many of our clients have back up cleaning and Covid supplies and we highly recommend that as well. Keep items in clear containers for future dust free use.

Our team will make your home safer, more organized and clutter free. Ready to make your home more COVID conscious, we’d be happy to help!

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