Countess Kate wore trousers & a Cefinn blouse for the first stop in Scotland

The only thing I enjoy about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s chaotic visits to Scotland is their Scottish titles: The Earl and Countess of Strathearn. I just think those titles are lovely. I’m sure the titles are soaked in blood and historical Scottish drama. Anyway, the Strathearns arrived in Glasgow today and their first stop was St. John’s Primary School. William and Kate participated in a Roots of Empathy session involving a baby. They will also visit the Wheatley Group in Kennishead today. I’m not going to go on and on about their activities, because I’m almost positive that this two-day Scottish trip was thrown together at the last minute as busywork.

As for fashion, Kate wore slacks and repeated a Catherine Walker coat, but she did wear one new piece: a “£170 baby blue blouse from Cefinn.” Cefinn is Samantha Cameron’s fashion line. SamCam is David Cameron’s wife, Cameron was the Tory prime minister who f–ked around and found out with Brexit. SamCam is English aristocracy… I wonder why Kate can’t seem to find any Scottish designers to wear. Oh well, at least she wasn’t in head-to-toe tartan (although she is wearing blue for, you guessed it, the Scottish flag).

There are already headlines happening right now about how Kate held a baby and how she’s feeling “broody.” It’s been clear for a while that Kate wants a fourth child… and William does not.

Photos courtesy of Instar.