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Help kids and grandkids stay organized with these ideas perfect for small hands

messy kids room with toys on floor

Is your child or grandchilds playroom a constant mess? It might not be designed in a kid-friendly way. Children can be taught to clean up after themselves and keep their things organized, but only if they have tools that are designed in a way that makes sense to them. Here are some ways you can organize your Phoenix home.

Keep It Small

Most children dont need a lot of space for their imagination. If youre a grandparent trying to find a playroom in your home, dont discount things such as the walk-in guest closet or spare bedroom. The smaller the footprint, the easier to keep it organized.

Hang Things on the Walls

In a small space, using any vertical space is essential. In addition to installing shelves, use a slatted wall system and hooks to hang things like jump ropes and coats on the wall. This should be used for things you want to keep both organizedandvisible (so youll never have to answer the question grandma, where is my coat? again).

Invest in Low, Built-In Storage

Storage benches are particularly great for children because they let children tuck large toys, blankets, and games by themselves. Built-in storage benches also double as a cozy reading area.

custom wall unit kid cubby organizer Phoenix, AZ

Add in Cubby Organizers

Cubbies are used in schools because theyre so effective. Use slideout organizers that are low to the ground. Label each section so your child knows exactly where everything goes, and make it a game to put things back where they need to be when playtime is over.

Get Easy Slide Drawers

Make it easy for kids to use drawers. Pay attention to the hardware on any storage furniture. A lot of cabinets and dressers have drawers that use wood slides, and while theyre easy for adults, theyre quite a challenge for smaller children. The easier it is for kids to put things away, the more theyll be to do so. Hardware like soft-close drawers and cabinets help ensure little hands wont get caught, and you wont ever hear drawers being slammed.

Consider Transparent Bins

For small toys, craft supplies, and other well-loved objects, consider using easy-to-see storage. Children will be able to see whats inside so they wont tear up the entire room looking for their favorite toy. When it comes to kids, sometimes organization means keeping them from getting things disorganized.

Reserve Space Up Top

Are there things that the childrenshouldntbe able to get into? If certain toys need to be used with adult supervision, place some shelves at adult height. Kids will still be able to see where their things are but will be reminded to ask an adult to get other toys.

A well-organized playroom leaves more time for fun and frolic and less time for frustration. For more information about getting organized in your life, follow Closet & Storage Concepts. To get started on your project, call for a free in-home estimate!

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