Best Office Chair Tier List 2022 (20 Chairs Ranked)

Over the past several years, we have brought in over 100 office chairs that we have rated and reviewed. For this project, we selected 20 different chairs and gave them a rating starting with S as the highest and leveling down with F as the lowest rating.

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Best Office Chair Tier List

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The Best Office Chair Tier List


Steelcase Leap v2

Steelcase Leap v2 – See Full Steelcase Leap Review

Greg: The Steelcase Leap first came out in 2006 and these chairs are still in the field being used. The value the buyer gets by purchasing top tier chairs like the Leap is worth the money. Greg says the Leap is highly adjustable and is probably the best chair for most people right out of the box. However, he does not use the chair himself for long periods of time because of the thin seat pad.

Ryan: Ryan assigns the Steelcase Leap chair the highest A tier rating on today’s list. However, while we love the Leap chair, it is not perfect: it has aggressive lumbar support, the headrest leaves much to be desired, and the seat pad is thin.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase Gesture – See Full Steelcase Gesture Review

Greg: Greg comments that the chair does not have very pronounced lumbar support but the armrests on the Gesture are extremely adjustable.

Ryan: Ryan quickly places the Gesture near the top of the A tier commenting that it is consistently one of the highest scoring chairs. The chair is well made, has an awesome warranty, and offers flexibility in both the seat and back area. He notes that the chair has almost all features that a buyer could want, but a common complaint is the thin, firm seat.

Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron – See Full Herman Miller Aeron Review

Greg: The Aeron is the most well-known chair in the world. Greg thinks it is a well-built chair featuring a smooth recline and a great warranty. But it is pricey, and he thinks it is uncomfortable mainly because it is a mesh chair. Even with the features Greg does not like about the Aeron, he agrees with an A tier rating.

Ryan: Ryan comments on the recognizability and popularity of the chair, describing it as “the most popular of the popular.” The comfort and likability ratings by people in our own office do not match the consensus of the Aeron superfans and Ryan deliberates a B rating because of this. But the looks of the chair and the build quality make him consider an S rating and he decides on an A rating.

Robert: Robert turns the camera on himself to sing the Aeron’s praises. He says it is without doubt an A.

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Herman Miller Embody Chair

Herman Miller Embody – See Full Embody Review

Greg: Greg respects the Herman Miller brand and thinks they have nice chairs, but he comments that he cannot sit in their chairs. The Embody hurts his shoulders and pushes him forward. However, he says the chair is well-built, unique, and is deserving of an A tier rating.

Ryan: Ryan likes the chair and says it is one of three chairs he has rotated through over the past 3-4 years. Even though it does not have the same adjustability as the Aeron, Leap, or the Fern, it was adjustable enough for him to be comfortable.

Joe: Joe likes the design of the chair and says the science of the back is cool. The main feature Joe dislikes on the chair is the arms. They have both height and width adjustability, but they are “clunky”, and it takes a bit of effort to adjust the width.

Haworth Fern Chair

Haworth Fern – See Full Haworth Fern Review

Greg: Greg thinks the headrest on this chair is “pretty awful.” He also agrees with a B tier rating over an A tier rating even though he refers to the Fern as a high-end chair. The Fern is comparable to other chairs that also belong in the B tier.

Ryan: Ryan talks about the Fern being Haworth’s highest end ergonomic chair, costing $1,200-$1,400. Ryan thinks the Haworth Zody is more comfortable, but it is not quite as popular as the Fern. He does not like the seat on the Fern and cites the lumbar as being too aggressive, but he mentions that most of the office is fond of the features on the chair and the chair itself.

Joe: Joe likes this chair except for the firm headrest. The armrests are “plasticky” unlike Steelcase armrests, but they still have good adjustability which he appreciates. He comments on the aesthetics of the chair, describing it as a good-looking chair that will make any desk setup look sharp.

Knoll Regeneration Chair

Knoll Regeneration

Greg: Greg compares the chair to the Humanscale Freedom chair in that it is not a top tier product even though it comes from a top tier brand. It is a lightweight chair that has adjustable arms and a seat slider. Greg also notes that the chair has a solid warranty.

Ryan: Ryan discusses the chair being lightweight while still feeling like it is a quality chair. Knoll is a reputable brand, and the chair has solid components including a comfortable backrest, but it is missing adjustability features that other chairs we rated had. It does not have lumbar, and Ryan compares the recline on the chair to the recline on Humanscale chairs where it puts the user in more of a neutral position. He states if the user gets the “fully decked out” version of the chair, it may be worthy of a B tier rating.

Joe: Joe is quick to point out his dislike of the recline feature on the chair because it pushes his hips up when reclining.

Robert: Robert comments on the chair being one of the most underrated chairs. He says the chair does have a firm seat, but he likes the recline feature, the backrest and found the chair to be quite comfortable overall.

Neutral Posture 800 Chair

Neutral Posture 8000

Greg: Greg thinks the B tier is where this chair belongs. It is a good quality chair with a ton of different options. It might not be as high quality as the Haworth Fern, but it is highly adjustable and customizable. The seat on the chair can be contoured or flat and this is just one example of how the chair can be tailored to fit the user.

Ryan: Ryan discusses this chair being a go-to product for the guys on our sales team. Neutral Posture is another reputable brand, and he gives the chair a B tier rating. Some of the positive features on the chair include quality foam, the various and plentiful adjustability options, and a good warranty.

Joe: Joe does not comment on the chair in this video.

Steelcase Series 1 Chairs

Steelcase Series 1

Greg: Greg thinks the Series 1 feels cheaply built and like a chair for kids. It is lightweight and Steelcase has even said it is not a chair for sitting all day in. Greg says the Series 1 is better built than the Freedom chair and that it does not make as much noise.

Ryan: Ryan thinks the chair is a good value at less than $500. The buyer gets Steelcase’s warranty and their support.

Joe: Joe prefers the Series 1 over the Freedom chair or the Knoll. He likes the smooth recline and considers the adjustability to be of higher quality. The arm pads are the main flaw on the chair because they are hard plastic and are too small.

Humanscale Freedom Chair

Humanscale Freedom – See Full Freedom Review

Greg: Greg wanted to like this chair, especially with claims of it being a well-built chair. He decides on a C tier rating because of the constant annoying creaks while sitting in it. The chair is expensive costing around $1,250 and Greg thinks the warranty is decent for a chair at this price. Greg thinks people like the aggressive lumbar in the chair and the unique pivoting backrest but describes the headrest as “terrible” and says the user must almost be reclined for the headrest to be comfortable.

Ryan: Ryan talks about the unique recline feature on the chair. The recline puts the user in a neutral ergonomic position which is nice for tasking but is not suitable for users wanting to use the chair to relax, lounge or constantly move. The arms on the chair are a dealbreaker for Ryan as they are not independently adjustable height-wise.

Joe: Joe talks about how uncomfortable it is to recline in the chair, and in the video, we can also hear some of the creaky noises that Greg mentioned earlier while Joe reclines.

Eurotech Ergohuman Chair

Eurotech Ergohuman – See Full Ergohuman Review

Greg: The Ergohuman first came out 15 years ago and retails for $900-$1,000. Greg says it has a better build quality than the Akir but finds the all-mesh version of the chair uncomfortable. While the Ergohuman is made for taller people, the headrest that is on the chair does not suit a tall person.

Ryan: Ryan comments on the lower back support being the chair’s best feature. He also says the chair has a ton of adjustability.

Joe: The mesh on the chair is loose but Joe notes the chair has more back support than other chairs.

OM Seating Yes Chair

OM Yes

Greg: Greg settles quickly on a C tier rating for the OM Yes chair. The seat comfort of the chair is like that of the Akir but there is a bit more substance to the seat on the Yes chair.

Ryan: The Yes chair is one of the most customizable chairs a buyer can get in the $500 price range. The buyer can choose different mechanisms and different arms, along with a variety of color combinations. There are headrest options available and even a coat hanger attachment option that goes on the back of the chair.

Joe: Joe dislikes that the back of the chair wobbles back and forth. He demonstrates how when he quickly moves back and forth in the chair, the back shakes along with him and makes noise. Ryan explains that this is due to the customizability of the chair: because the chair is built to fit with so many different options, some of those options might not fit together as snugly.

BTOD Akir Chair

BTOD Akir – See Full BTOD Akir Review

Greg: Greg lists the highlights of the chair including a good weight capacity, warranty and return policy. The chair is comfortable, but it is still an imported chair and there will be better products from higher end manufacturers.

Ryan: Ryan notes the best thing about the chair is the seat.

Joe: Joe does not comment on this chair in the video.

Eurotech Vera Chairs

Eurotech Vera – See Full Eurotech Vera Review

Greg: Greg labels the Vera as a prime example of a C tier chair and says it is better than the Ergochair.

Ryan: Ryan quickly assigns the Vera to the C tier. He feels the Vera is similar in build quality and tier placement to the Akir.

Joe: Joe does not comment on the chair in the video.

Secret Lab Titan Chairs

Omega Secret Lab Titan

Greg: While the influencers on Instagram and YouTube consider this an S tier chair, Greg thinks the chair deserves a C tier rating. The main downside of the chair is the hard seat which makes the chair unusable for him. But for a gaming chair in the $500 price range, he thinks it is well-built and is a solid chair. He adds that if the buyer gives a positive review on this chair, Secret Lab will give an extra 2 years on their warranty for a 5-year warranty total.

Ryan: Ryan thinks the chair has both C tier and D tier qualities but says it is the best racing-style gaming chair we have ever tested. The mechanism and some of the components are not the best quality, so Ryan thinks a C tier rating is fair.

Joe: Joe does not comment on this chair in the video.

Xchair X2 Chair

X Chair X2

Greg: Greg’s biggest issue with the X2 chair is the terrible warranty. X Chair covers less and less of the chair under warranty as time passes. They require the buyer to pay for parts that might have been covered at another time earlier in the warranty’s lifespan. He compares the chair to an Ergohuman which has a much better warranty. With the poor warranty, the price being near $1,000 and the chair being super uncomfortable for Greg, he gives it a D tier rating.

Ryan: The X2 chair is decently built and has good adjustability but was one of the most uncomfortable chairs we tested, so he deliberates between a C and D tier rating. We tested this chair for arm comfort, back comfort, and seat comfort. The score of the chair in each category was near or at the lowest score when compared with dozens of other chairs.

Joe: Joe agrees with the chair being uncomfortable, citing the backrest specifically. Joe would not recommend this chair to someone looking to spend $1,000 on an office chair.

Autonomous Ergochair Pro

Autonomous Ergochair Pro

Greg: Greg attributes the chair’s popularity to influencer marketing. The chair had more value when it was less expensive but now that it costs around $500, the D tier seems appropriate.

Ryan: Ryan is not a huge fan of the chair. He agrees with it being too high a price for the lower quality chair the buyer is getting.

Joe: Joe thinks the chair is a bit difficult to adjust and refers to it as “junky.”

IKEA Markus Chair

IKEA Markus

Greg: Greg points out that there is a one-year return policy on the chair and the buyer can always go to IKEA and try out the chair before buying. This is an advantage that a brick-and-mortar retailer has over chairs that are mainly sold online.

Ryan: Ryan is quick to assign this chair to the D tier. The lumbar, armrests and overall lack of adjustability including no seat depth adjustability are among the flaws Ryan points out on the chair. The headrest will only be suitable for the buyer if the buyer’s body lines up in a way where the headrest on the chair fits them. However, for the price of $300, the buyer gets a nice recline, a semi-comfortable seat and a decent backrest.

Joe: Joe is quick to comment that the chair is too big and tall for him.

Staples Hyken Chair

Staples Hyken – See Full Staples Hyken Review

Greg: The first thing Greg comments on is the multi-colored mesh on the chair which is not by design but rather due to the low quality of mesh used. For him, the chair is uncomfortable, but it is sold for a decent price, has a good warranty, and has a good return policy.

Ryan: For the adjustability and the warranty the buyer gets for the price, the Hyken is a good value. But Ryan thinks the chair is one of the most uncomfortable chairs he has tried because of the seat and the armrests. For these reasons, he nearly places the Hyken in the F tier, but because of the warranty and it being more comfortable than the Soutein, he assigns it a D tier rating.

Joe: Joe says if the chair was any more than $200, he would give it an F tier rating.

F Tier Chairs

Flexispot Soutien Chair

Flexispot Soutien

Greg: Greg comments that the lumbar support does not hold its place on the chair. Greg notes that the chair is $300 and that it is difficult to put a chair in this price range in the F tier, but both he and Ryan agree that the Soutein belongs there.

Ryan: Ryan has his mind made up about this chair and where it belongs on our tier list. He places it in the F tier and says the chair is “unusable.” He talks about the lumbar support being too aggressive, preventing him from putting his upper back against the back of the chair. He also mentions a tilt mechanism on the chair that ranges from “loose to really loose.”

Joe: After sitting in the chair, Joe says right away to put the chair on a lower tier. He comments on the chair’s firmness and “intrusive” lumbar support. Joe is not comfortable sitting in the chair and deliberates between the D and F tier.

Target Essentials Chairs

Target Room Essentials

Greg: The F tier has another member with the Target Room Essentials chair. Greg has little that is good to say about this chair and even refers to it as “junk.” The main attractor seems to be the price at less than $100. Fixed arms, swivel-tilt, a thin seat pad and leatherette material are some of the other features on the chair. It is a basic chair with little adjustability and Greg mentions that it will probably not last the user more than a year.

Ryan: Ryan agrees with Greg’s assessment of the chair. Ryan points out that it may be a useful chair for people with offices that do not get used often.

Joe: Joe does not comment on this chair in this video.

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