So....I have a little update with the bathroom in Boulder. why we make the big bucks.... for realz.
Not sure if I told you but the bathroom has to be finished by Thanksgiving.  
Uh Huh.  37 days.
So I prance up to The Tile Shop on Saturday which is a measly 1/8  of a mile from my house.
And that is where it starts to go down hill.  First of all when I left it was sprinkling.  Within 20 minutes of me being in there it turned into a monsoon and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees.
Swear.  But wait....
So he picked this plan.

Which I really liked.  AND....was excited to go pay for it so that Greg could pick it up in Denver and get going.
The sound of a scratching record.  Yeah....found out that the floor tile was "only for walls"  and it was very shinny so no bueno.
OK....let's regroup.  I can do this....well I had to do it.... because time was crucial.

I stayed with everything but I changed the floor tile.  He loves blue so it is a win win right?
Not in stock and wouldn't arrive to the distribution center until a week before Thanksgiving.  I almost started crying right there.  I am still a little fragile.
So I left and decided to go to Floor and Decor.  Nada.  Home Depot.  Nada.  Remember it is pouring and I am dressed for summer.  
I drove to my favorite tile place without calling and it was closed.  I slumped in my seat.  Sigh.
Ok back to The Tile Shop.  Geez....I can do this...there is plenty of tile in that place.
After all....I am a professional.
So I went all "Boulder Organic"....I had to go home to let Cami out for a quick bathroom break and I grabbed a few other wallpaper samples....and a coat.

I forgot about this Thibaut paper which is a favorite....

This will be the countertop [Caesarstone:  Symphony Grey] with the vanity painted SW Roycroft Pewter

And here you have it.....all in stock.
It only took 5 hours.
He is picking up the tile on Thursday.
I'll keep you posted on the process.
In other news I went to Nashville to see the House Beautiful Showhouse.  It was so nice to get away from my life for a few days.  Of course pulling back in my driveway.....I was like "Oh Yeah" all came back to me.
Imagine you've been married for 26 years....together 30 and besides a few informative emails....there has been no communication.   Hard to believe. 48 days.  
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