Adorable Doctor Dress Up Set for Kids

Are there any passionate kiddos in your life? You know, the ones who 100% know what they want to be when they grow up?

When I was little, I was convinced that I would grow up to be an actress. I would strut around the living room in plastic heels and sunglasses while I posed for the imaginary paparazzi. My siblings would roll their eyes as I forced them to participate in my fictional world as my directors and agents. Using my imagination to explore the possibilities of the future was thrilling!

The truth is, all kids have a bountiful imagination and are seeking the right inspiration to explore their wildest stories and ideas. It’s important for kids to exercise their minds by engaging their creativity and honing their social-emotional learning skills. 

Plus, after a year of every waking moment glued to screens... This summer is the perfect time for kids to dive back into their creative side and dream of the future.

The doctor is in! This adorable 11 piece doctor’s kit includes a doctor’s coat, stethoscope, eyeglasses, 6 boo-boo-aids, boo-boo-aid box, ID badge and a bonus “Litti Doctor Benny” story book. Get ready to inspire kids to reach towards their dreams and squash those fears of going to the doctor

With this set, kids can give their stuffed animals checkups, heal their sibling’s pretend wound, and have hours of role-playing fun. This set is a perfect gift for any child that wants to be a doctor when they grow up (or just likes to play pretend).

Retail price- 29.99 

My Thoughts 

This play set has brought my son's imagination better than any of his other play clothes have so far. He LOVES playing doctor. I have boo boos all over that needed to be treated. And the most adorable part is that the stethoscope actually works. He loves the doctor coat, and told me the other day that I was not allowed to wear it because I "did not have the proper training". I am going to start monitoring what he watches on You Tube even more than I already do. I have been the recipient of a lot of make believe shots as well. My kid is a sadist lol jk. The band aids are adorable. They are little slap on bracelets, so you can wear the band aids. They are a little small for adults but fit great on his baby brother lol. He is adorable in this little outfit pretending to treat our boo boos. I love it. You can leave the badge as or put in your own photo. It also comes with a cute story book that we have read a few times. He likes to dress up and make me read the story to him while he is dressed like a doctor. 

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