We’re all on the go, trying to juggle multiple tasks at once and still trying to stay informed (and entertained). Podcasts are a popular form of media that has seen a boom in popularity thanks to eager audiences and smartphones that allow you to carry your life with you. Chances are, you’ve spent time on your work commute listening to a podcast. Here at ATPB, we’re no different and our podcast recommendations are vast! Whether you like listening to true crime, self-help or just want to be entertained – we’ve got you. 

Tamu McPherson’s Favorite Podcasts

Like many of you, I consume a lot of news on a daily basis. And I approach my news related podcast consumption like I do my news-site reading. I regularly oscillate between the New York Times and The Washington Post and apply that same practice to their respective podcasts the The Daily and Post Reports. Since I started to listen to both podcasts, I’ve become familiar with their journalists and respect their individual styles. I rarely miss an episode and also tune in during workouts, which interferes with my running game because politics does not amp me up like Meg Thee Stallion does.  The Read – Keeps me fresh on hip hop and popular culture. Kid Curry and Crissle are hilarious and they feel like old friends. I love that they “read” everyone and that they are honest about having their favorites (Beyonce and Blue Ivy). I also love that their knowledge of the culture is quite expansive so that their discussions feel grounded and not superficial. Still Processing – I love the way that Jenna and Wesley unpack their topics in a thorough accessible way. I love their upbeat personalities, humor, and the delivery and tone of their conversations so it’s really enjoyable to tune in. Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations – Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations is like a weekly spiritual service. I have discovered so many powerful voices whose experiences completely resonate with me. I often re-listen to episodes when I want to revisit a theme.
Alyx Carolus Shares Her Favorite Podcasts

Thirst Aid Kit – One of my all time favorite podcasts and one of the first I’ve ever listened to – Thirst Aid Kit (TAK) is such a blessing. Hosted by the incredible Bim Adewunmi and Nichole Perkins, this podcast discusses your favorite crushes, but in no ordinary fashion. The power duo share their thoughts on the Thirst Object, discuss their careers and create short drabbles involving the man of choice. It’s hilarious, light-hearted and you feel like you’re listening to two very cool aunties chat, make saucy jokes and catch up. The Minimalists – Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields-Milburn are the Minimalists  and if you don’t know who they are – you’ve probably heard of their popular Netflix documentary Minimalism: A Documentary about The Important Things. Their podcast deals with a variety of topics from finances, minimalism and low-impact living. The duo often invites guests over to chat and answer listener questions. It’s a helpful resource if you’re looking to simplify your life or hear how others have pared down to live with less.
Charisse Kenion’s Favorite Podcasts

The Receipts – I came to The Receipts super late but had been following one of the three hosts – Tolly T – for a while on Instagram. The show is a no holds-barred look at relationships and ‘situationships’. If you send in your ‘receipts’ to the hosts – Tolly, Milena and Ghana’s Finest – they will give you their opinion, and they do not sugar coat it. Design Matters with Debbie Millman
It’s hard to believe, but this is one of the world’s oldest podcasts, clocking in at 14 years so far. Host Debbie Millman is a massively influential writer, designer, artist and educator and her podcast episodes truly feel like little nuggets of wisdom that you won’t forget any time soon. Kind of like How I Built This but with a little more heart, so far my favorite guests have included Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi, author Roxanne Gay and illustrator Austin Kleon.
Grace Davin’s Favorite Podcasts

I’ve been obsessed with Snap Judgement by WNYC for 3+ years and am still an active listener… like the kind that puts their phone down and is completely satisfied just listening. Glynn Washington is an amazing host and engaging teller of real stories about real people enhanced by original beats that set a cinematic mood. Needless to say, this is a unique and super entertaining podcast, which always keeps me wondering what will happen next. One of my favorite episodes is The Brass Ring, though there’s plenty of gems.
Hidden Brain from NPR with Shankar Vedantam is a podcast for anyone curious about themselves and the world around them. The episodes are fascinating and I Iove to listen while in transit or taking care of household chores. I’d recommend the episodes Creative Differences: The Benefits of Reaching Out to People Unlike Ourselves and You 2.0: Deep Work, but really there’s no bad place to begin learning!
BBC’s Desert Island Discs is a radio show that began in 1942, so there’s an intense archive with well over 3k episodes to sift through. Each episode features one guest who will soon become a castaway, sent off to a deserted island with nothing but 8 musical tracks, 1 book, and 1 luxury item of their choosing. Kirsty Young has been my favorite host to date, so I like to peruse the 2008-2015 archives with highlights such as one of the best desert island discs to date featuring Tom Hanks (heads up: you’ll cry). The current host is Lauren Laverne, who recently had a very interesting chat with Lin-Manuel Miranda. Browse other  interviews with Motivational Women as well as Women in Fashion.

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