15 Interesting DIY Spring Candle Decorations to Make Statement to Your home

How about your spring decorations this year? Is it colorful and inviting enough? Or you don’t have ideas for spring decorations this year? If so, the idea of decorating candles with a spring theme can be an interesting idea. You can do it with a DIY project. It is an easy spring decorating idea to do. Moreover, this is an inexpensive way to add color to a room this spring. Anyway, this DIY spring candle decoration won’t break your bank. Actually, its easy to do. For a fun spring centerpiece, you can use old candle holders. You can repaint them in pastel colors or colorful paints to impress your centerpiece look. For a more traditional centerpiece, you can repurpose a dough bowl. You can add greenery to the bowl by filling it with water and adding a candle in it. Since Easter is always in spring, you can make eggs-themed candles by melting wax and inserting it into egg shells. The candles can be easily decorated by using washi tape or stencils to change the look of plain candles. If you do not have any artistic talent, you can always add a butterfly, flowers or burlap to the candleholders for a striking and eye-catching look. Below, we have some DIY spring candle decoration ideas. Let’s get to try!

15 interesting diy spring candle decorations1


Choose and use a wooden tray with a rectangle shape to make as a DIY spring candle decoration. The arrangement of this tray can be lined with fresh green moss, then you can arrange several candle pillars to add luxury and of course help relax the atmosphere of the room. Replace live moss with fake moss to look fresher throughout the day, get these moss ornaments at your local craft store. Because this tray has a fairly long size, you can use it as a centerpiece on the dining table. Moss and candle centerpiece from homebnc.


Small glass candle holder covered with green moss is a smart idea to welcome spring this year. You can use more than one candle so that it can be used as a focal point on the dining table. This candle can be used as a heating accent in this room. Try using this candle easily without having to spend a lot of money. Place it on the dining table in a neat arrangement so as not to interfere with your space. Small glass candle holder with moss from architectureartdesigns.


Colorful candlesticks are one of the staple decorative items that can be applied to spring decorations. Here, the existence of this candlestick makes the room more colorful and fun when placed in a room with a light gray wall background. This candle will produce a fairly dim light around it. Use a candlestick with teak wood material to make it more sturdy in use when used for a long period of time. Colorful wooden candlesticks from shelterness.


Make your candles a change when spring comes by choosing a glass rainbow candle with a selection of several bright colors. They are decorative items as well as perfect lighting for the comfort of your home. Better yet, you can make two glass candles with splashes of different colors. The advantage of using this candle is that it makes the room warmer and of course it will never go out of style. Rainbow glass candles from shelterness.


You can reuse a few small glasses to make candle springs that you can easily make yourself. Don’t let this glass appear plain, you can coat it with a variety of different paper colors and of course it is equipped with SPRING letter pieces. Besides being able to be used as room lighting, spring candle holders can also be used as a sign that will welcome your guests or family in a friendly manner. Use candles according to your needs or the needs of the room. Spring sign candle holder from shelterness.


Candle holder decorations don’t have to be complicated. For this design, a simple pallet box adds visual appeal as a container of several eggshell candles. Group these eggshell candles together in a container of varying heights for a more stunning look. Before use, these egg shells can be repainted with several bright colors for a more cool and fun look. Place alone on a coffee table or dining table for maximum impact. Colorful eggshell candles from deavita.


An easy way to design your pillar candle for spring is to attach some dried leaves and flowers to the outer surface of the candle. You can attach it using adhesive glue that is quite sturdy. Use dried flowers and leaves with a variety of different colors and types to make it look more colorful and more varied. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also paste paper butterflies with different colors as well. This butterfly looks very beautiful to welcome the pleasant spring. Dried pillar candle decoration from wonderfuldiy.


Kitchen waste in your home can be reused as one of your spring home decorations. Now you can reuse egg shells as candle holders that can make your room feel more unique and DIY. Then you can put the egg shells in a flower-patterned cupcake holder to keep the candle in place. Previously you could line this cupcake holder with straw for a more eye-catching look. You can try it easily and cheaply. Egg shell Candle with paper cupcake from deavita.


Upgrade your candle holder game with a brand new look. For example, you can put some candle pillars in a jar that is quite large and complete with roses and green plants that are blooming beautifully. Before using this wax jar, you can add sand so that the surface is higher. Place it on the dining table as a decoration that can make the room feel more comfortable, warm and relaxed. Jar candle holder decoration from bhg.


These beautiful two pillar candles are the perfect home decor for an unusual look. Don’t let this pillar candle appear plain and boring. Now you can decorate it with burlap accents, green plants, paper signs and two butterfly decorations that have blue and purple colors. This butterfly decoration makes it look more feminine. Use color and texture for a more boho design. After everything is neatly installed, you can place it in one of the room decorations, for example in the dining room decoration on the dining table. Butterfly candle holder decor from hometalk.


Choose and use pink candle pillars to light up your spring day throughout the day according to the needs of the room. To emphasize the spring theme, you can decorate around this candle with various types of blooming flowers. Not only flowers, but the use of green plants will also make the appearance of this candle more attractive. After everything is neatly arranged, you can use it as a centerpiece decoration. Jar pastel candles holder from homebnc.


Turn candles into simple decorations that you can easily apply in a spring-style home. For now you can reuse your old lantern as a candle holder that has a touch of farmhouse style. Fill the inside of this lantern with candles with lavender flowers as well as fresh leaves so that they can be used as table decorations while providing dim lighting that seems warm. You can use this candle to warmly welcome your guests who come to your house. Lantern candle holder from homebnc.


Easter egg candles are a sign of welcoming spring in your home decor. Look at this Easter egg candle holder, doesn’t it look beautiful and very cheerful. Now you can repaint the outer surface of the egg with gold polka dots that look shiny when exposed to the reflection of the lights around it. It’s not enough to stop here, you can also use this decorative candle as a centerpiece decoration that will perfect your Easter table landscape this year. Gold polka dot candle holder from housebeautiful.


This candle wrapped in spring prints looks adorable with the use of patterned paper materials that are easy to make and get easily. You can make this candle holder with a variety of flower patterns and different colors to make it look more varied and festive. When you make more than one then use and utilize these candles as table decorations for an extra fun effect. The green plants that are applied around it become an additional decoration that emphasizes the spring theme in your home. Spring wrapped candle holder from town-n-country-living.


Add a little life to your candle holder by coating the outer surface with a colorful floral print. Although these glass candle holders have a fairly small size, they can be used as centerpiece decorations as well as a focal point on this white dining table. To enhance the spring decorations, you can combine it with some beautiful and fresh flower bouquets. The existence of this candle gives a big splash of color to be made as one of the sights of the eye. Floral glass candle holder from curbly.