100 Times Cats Looked So Derpy, Owners Had To Share Their Pics Online

Our graceful and elegant feline overlords have another side to them. When they think we’re not looking, they can act like the biggest derps on Planet Earth! Luckily for us, their derpiness is an endless source of entertainment for us and the internet alike.

That’s where the massive ‘Animals Being Derps’ online community comes in. You think you’ve seen what hilarious and wholesome truly looks like? Think again! The r/AnimalsBeingDerps subreddit has a whopping 3.6 million members and has been an active part of Reddit since May 2013. The community is dedicated to sharing photos and videos of animals “acting like complete idiots.” And today, we’re featuring some of the funniest and cutest cat pics from the subreddit to brighten up your day, dear Pandas.

Remember to pet those derpy cattos through your screen, upvote your fave pics, and let us know in the comments which felines won over your heart. Obviously, we want our cats looking fabulous in the derpy photos we take of them, so it falls to us to help them take care of their appearance, no matter how much they prioritize their own cleanliness. Check out Bored Panda’s interview about just that below. Onwards into the Land of Derp!

#1 Learning How To Cat. Progress Is Slow

Image credits: Maahee_2

#2 When The Human Asks Where All The Catnip Went. "Aliens"

Image credits: addanow

#3 The World's Most Interesting Lamp

Image credits: Azrayle

One of the things that we can do to make our cats as photogenic as possible is to keep their coats all healthy and shiny. Now, naturally, owners should be concerned about keeping their cats’ coats in the best possible shape no matter if they’re going to be taking fun and derpy photos of them or not.

Anna Ewers Clark, a vet working with the PDSA, a British animal veterinary charity, went into detail with Bored Panda about the proper way to take care of feline fur. From bathing them to what products to avoid.

According to vet Anna, cats are very clean creatures, so we should think about bathing them only in special circumstances. “Most cats don’t need baths, and in fact, many cats find being in water very stressful,” she explained.

#4 Catto Being Curious

Image credits: -Tigger

#5 My Roommates Cat Sometimes Sits Like A Goblin

Image credits: WhosDonny

#6 Your Package Of Derp Will Arrive On Caturday

Image credits: JohnNova85

“If your cat does get very dirty or has something you think might be toxic on their coat, it’s best to sponge the area with a damp flannel, or rinse the area with a cup of water, instead of putting your cat in the bath or shower.”

The vet told Bored Panda that we ought to use tap water and avoid shampoos when bathing our cats. Shampoos are only fine if they’ve been prescribed by your vet.

“The smells of shampoos, creams, and lotions can be much stronger for your cat’s sensitive nose and they can strip the oils out of your cat’s coat—even sensitive shampoos can make your cat’s coat look dry and dull or make them itchy.”

#7 The Guardian Of The Box

Image credits: NOS4A2U

#8 Hi All, First Time Posting Here. I Present My Beloved Taylor For Your Amusement

Image credits: ahdeedahz

#9 If I Lick It, No One Else Can Have It

Image credits: BoopBoop20

The ‘Animals Being Derps’ subreddit uses the tagline, “Aww, they’re so stupid.” However, you shouldn’t think of it as anyone criticizing these animals. Quite the opposite! Think of it as a compliment that celebrates the range of emotions and behaviors that pets have.

The subreddit’s mods urge all newcomers to read the rules carefully. Joining a new community takes a bit more than posting a bunch of awesome photos—it’s about engaging with your fellow members. That means playing by the rules.

#10 The Two Friends You Had In Middle School That Your Parents Didn't Like

Image credits: Boojibs

#11 Kittens On The Lookout

Image credits: KingBecks123

#12 Got Him A New Water Bowl. I Think He Misunderstood What It Is. And Yes He Sits In The Water...

Image credits: AWU_Hades

Members should by no means post photos of animals that are drugged, sick, or injured. What’s more, the subreddit has a hardline stance that there should be no animals in costumes, no staged submission, and no “animals just sitting there.”

What’s more, you should do your best to avoid politics and memes. That’s a lot of rules! But the wholesome content more than makes up for that. In the end, it’s worth it to have an awesome and friendly community that cares about animals deeply.

The mods point out that the animals in the photos themselves obviously must be derps. “Don't forget, though most Derps are incredibly Aww, a lot of Awws aren't Derps,” they explain the distinction.

#13 Doesn't Need A Title

Image credits: bigmenpogs

#14 Not My Picture But Funny

Image credits: ToshaSalad69

#15 A Bird Landed On Our Balcony Today...

Image credits: airbud3000

#16 This Last Second Photo I Just Took Of My Cat Stretching Her Arms And Sneezing. I’ve Been Uncontrollably Laughing For The Past 5 Minutes Now

Image credits: Saint__Bartholomew

#17 Stayed Like This For About 5 Minutes

Image credits: leanneq84

#18 I Posted This On R/Cats And They Told Me To Share With You Too. Hope You Enjoy It!

Image credits: inescdfernandes

#19 Mlem Cat

Image credits: BC-YN

#20 He Likes To Sleep Like This

Image credits: valdelaseras

#21 She Is My Beautiful Derp

Image credits: dphnlsrs

#22 My Mother's New Kitten Definitely Identifies As A Smol Derp...

Image credits: HennaJes

#23 Cat Refuses To Play With Anything... Until I Get A Bit Of String Out

Image credits: RyanPepsiPeach

#24 Managed To Catch My Derpster Cat, Monte, 3 Sneezes In A Row. Picture Of Grace And Majesty Right There

Image credits: colourbursttey


Image credits: StatisticianNew4475

#26 My Parent’s Cat Being An Absolute Loaf

Image credits: br3a1

#27 Tillie Is A Bit Strange Sometimes

Image credits: WindofVaati

#28 "Get A Sphynx," They Said. "They're So Regal And Exotic," They Said. My Son Is A T-Rex

Image credits: _always_sunny_

#29 I'm Speeeeed

Image credits: rogercgomes

#30 You Ok?

Image credits: raijin90

#31 Clumsy Ninja

Image credits: SanthoshPSK

#32 Cute Stuck

Image credits: BlackDiamondGirl

#33 The Expression Kills Me

Image credits: raijin90


Image credits: purplesheep19

#35 Nia Likes The Fire

Image credits: WaddlingKereru

#36 No More Reversing Gravity In This Household!

Image credits: orchid_breeder

#37 Peat Experienced Catnip For The Very First Time And Was Transformed Into The Stoner Meme Guy For 20 Minutes

Image credits: dharma_36

#38 He Was In The Middle Of Grooming When Someone Rang The Doorbell.. Sat Like That For 10-15 Minutes

Image credits: StrangR_2U

#39 Bill’s Having An Existential Crisis

Image credits: nnylannaira

#40 This Is Gary. Sometimes His Head Detaches From His Body

Image credits: christoy123

#41 When The Vet Gives You The Good Stuff.

Image credits: qntrol

#42 I Took This Photo Just As My Cat Alfonso Caught His First Mouse. His Reaction Was An Intricate Mix Of Confusion, Fear, And Regret

Image credits: iamsoveryverytired

#43 I Honestly Don't Know

Image credits: pinknebu7a

#44 Sometimes My Cat Just ???

Image credits: camlights_

#45 Hold Power Button For Hard Reboot

Image credits: ClosedL00p

#46 Because I Can.....

Image credits: Bonboniru

#47 Send Help

Image credits: CYBERSson

#48 Dabby Tabby

Image credits: CYBERSson

#49 When You Like The Present But It Ain't For You...

Image credits: atomic-love

#50 Just A Drink From The Sink

Image credits: traditionaldrummer

#51 He Fell Fast Asleep Just Like This

Image credits: lawsoftheland

#52 She’s Satisfied With This Box.

Image credits: ocyane

#53 Call Me Cute One. More. Time....

Image credits: Azrayle

#54 Derp Cat X4

Image credits: elee0228

#55 Ollie Being Goofy For The Camera

Image credits: leblancadonkers

#56 Casually Glanced Over And Saw My Cat Laying Like This On The Back Of The Chair. It Looks Like He's Giving Me A Tiny Thumbs Up

Image credits: Tacocat0927

#57 This Is The Derpiest Picture I've Ever Taken Of Her. She Then Ran Away From Embarrassment After. Everyone, Meet Carlos

Image credits: ColoredPencil

#58 The Derpiest Of The Derps Is Observing Me In Silence

Image credits: Louis83

#59 My Cat Reaching Maximum Levels Of Derp

Image credits: PhilliesChamps

#60 100% Elegance, 100% Of The Time

Image credits: ig_gnome_inious

#61 I Was Told You Guys Might Like This Picture Of My Cat

Image credits: MayMax123

#62 New Parents Often Have A Hard Time Getting Enough Sleep

Image credits: Arguablecoyote

#63 My Wife Got This Picture Of Our Cat, Peat. I Felt It Would Be Appropriate Here. “Cheese!”

Image credits: jcatania935

#64 Adopted Carl A Week Ago. He's A Bit Odd.

Image credits: CharredHawke

#65 I Think My Cat Is Broken. How Is She Comfortable?

Image credits: sweetyang

#66 I Have To Be Away From My Cat, But My Boyfriend Sends My Updates Daily. This Is My Amazing Derp Today

Image credits: Kissegrisen

#67 Mood

Image credits: Elua7

#68 He Has A Very Handsome Smile

Image credits: BrdsONAwire

#69 Our Cat Taking Three Stairs

Image credits: GabrieleDal

#70 He Prefers This To His Cat Tree

Image credits: InevitableAnekisan

#71 Please Help Me Hooman

Image credits: Pottlera

#72 Simon.exe Has “Given Up”

#73 That Joke Must Have Been A Slap!

#74 This Cat Is Named Crazy Eyes Olive

Image credits: Slow-moving-sloth

#75 "The Other Cats Are Very Strange"

Image credits: IStanCatwoman

#76 On A Glass Table...

Image credits: Rusty_Crank

#77 That Cat Is Handsome

Image credits: Boomer196O

#78 I Looked Over And He Was Asleep Like This

Image credits: fuso13

#79 Monkey Cat Gonna Monkey Cat

Image credits: sangket

#80 I Was Told He Belonged Here. He Was Mad At Me For Being Away For Long(I Couldn’t See Him For 2 Months Because Of Lockdowns) This Is After A Few Belly Rubs. Am I Forgiven ?

Image credits: RoamingCreature

#81 Look At My Chicken Legs, Human

Image credits: BusinessBeetle

#82 How Is She Real??

Image credits: pasjojo

#83 One More Please

Image credits: jix333

#84 Paused In The Middle Of Cleaning Herself To Stare Into The Abyss For 5-10 Minutes

Image credits: Waaarpig

#85 Owner’s Cat At A Remodel Job I Was Working At. Just Turned Around And There It Was, Chillin On My Ladder

Image credits: StrangerOfThe206

#86 The Ab Work Out Clearly Isn't Working Out For My Boy

Image credits: FatticusTheCat

#87 Enlightened Cat

Image credits: kukidog

#88 He Sleeps Like This 90% Of The Time

Image credits: AmConfused324

#89 My Cat's Derp Face When He Demands Attention

Image credits: NeusPMI85

#90 She Zones Out Like This Frequently

Image credits: crazycatmom14

#91 This Is Goose

Image credits: eericwhitee

#92 Suns Out, Tongues Out

Image credits: Karmakaziiiii

#93 He's Not The Sharpest Tool In The Shed...

Image credits: Faiiven

#94 My Tux Rests In Her Hammock Like It's A Recliner

Image credits: AlarmedGibbon

#95 Pickles Is A Very Regal Cat

Image credits: unknown

#96 Such Cutes, Much Derps

Image credits: pinkybandit89

#97 How The Turntables

Image credits: uranonfraand

#98 Velma Thinks We Can't See Her Behind The Curtain

Image credits: the8itch

#99 My Cat Got Itself Stuck

Image credits: holmey3

#100 The Captain's Been Living Rough For Five Years And Has No Idea How To Receive Belly Rubs, But He Loves Them.

Image credits: passingglans