10 Unique Seasonal Cakes To Complete Your Christmas Feast

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Pierre Marcolinis Noel De Pierre

This gorgeous cake is filled with an elegant caramel sauce and smooth bitter chocolate mousse with walnut nougat. Finished off with a vivid red coating, you'll add some on-point seasonal color to your table thanks to this Christmas stunner. Order now online or at all Pierre Marcolini stores in Japan, for Dec. 15-25 store pick up.

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Patisserie Camelias Macaron De Noel

This Christmas cake is the ultimate love child between a cake and a macaron (two of our favorite things!). Filled with a light fromage-blanc mousse and topped with five macarons, this showstopper is guaranteed to make everyone cheer when placed on the table. Order before Dec. 18 online or at Hikarie ShinQs Shibuya, for Dec. 23-25 store pick up.

Patisserie Camelia
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Park Hyatt Tokyos Pure White Snow

This winter wonderland cake is a heavenly combination of white chocolate mousse, passion fruit jelly, almond, and hazelnut praline crunch. With an elegant sweetness and refreshingly fruity touch, it's the kind of dessert where dibs for the last piece might start a family feud. Don't say we didn't warn you. Order now online or at Park Hyatt Tokyo, for Dec. 20-25 store pick up.

Park Hyatt Tokyo
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Ma Prieres Noel Tandress

This colorful two-tier cake by acclaimed chef Hideaki Gagaku stands on top of a hazelnut dough base and is crafted with a bergamot white chocolate mousse, praline cream, and honey cream. Its hefty size and kawaii decorations make it the perfect festive sweet for parties. Order before Dec. 17 online or at Shinjuku, Takashimaya, for Dec. 23-25 store pick up.

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Frederic Cassels Coffre Noel

Trying to figure out what to give to your loved ones this Christmas? If you get them a whole cake encased in a deliciously edible box, you wont disappoint! Inside a box made entirely out of chocolate is a layered cake made of sweet and sour jelly and a fragrant coconut mousseline with a rich scent of lemon. The best part? No need to gift wrap! Order before Dec. 11 online or at Isetan stores around Japan for Dec. 24 store pick up.

Frederic Cassel
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Ambigrams Special Dome Shortcake

This adorable dome-shaped Christmas cake is made up of four fluffy cream flavors including strawberry and pistachio. All topped on a luxuriously fluffy sponge with strawberries and chocolate pieces, this cute creation will definitely brighten up your Christmas menu. Order before Dec. 16 online or at Matsuya Ginza, for Dec. 23-24 store pick up.

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Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotels Atarayo

With a starry sky motif made of chocolate that depicts Santa Claus flying in the stars, this sophisticated creation looks more like a Faberge egg than an edible Christmas cake. On the inside is an elegant sponge cake soaked in brandy with hazelnuts, almonds, and pistachios, all mixed in with a white chocolate ganache and covered in a generous layer of cream cheese buttercream frosting. OK, scratch that. It definitely sounds good enough to eat. Order before Dec. 15 online or at Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel, for Dec. 16-25 store pick up.

Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel
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Temps Des Coloriss Romantic Christmas

This pastel Christmas wonderland looks like it came straight out of a fairytale. An art cake by Kori Tande, it's made with sweet buttercream over a fluffy sponge, and decorated with colorful meringue cookies which really make it pop! Order before Dec. 14 online or at Odakyu stores around Japan, for Dec. 22-24 store pick up.

Temps Des Coloris
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Andaz Tokyos Dome Chocolate

A modern rendition of the classic Christmas pudding, the Dome Chocolate from the Andaz Hotel features decadent creme brulee, berry compote & chocolate mousse enveloped by chocolate and hazelnut ganache balls. TBH, that sounds a lot better than the traditional version! Order before Dec. 19 online or at Andaz Tokyo, for Dec. 20-25 store pick up.

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Grand Hyatts Louvre

This delicate pyramid cake is made from rare Tanzanian chocolate and cacao from different origins. In addition to the strong acidity and bitterness of cacao, youll enjoy a deep sweetness and faint fruity fragrance from the outer chocolate coat. Inside the pyramid are a layered chocolate sponge, almond nougat ganache, and nut meringue. Geometry has never tasted so good. Order before Dec. 19 online or at Andaz Tokyo, for Dec. 21-25 store pick up.

Grand Hyatt Louvre
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BONUS! Palace Hotel Tokyos Rennes

Heres a bonus cake for those willing to splurge A LOT. Made with 100 rare strawberries called Skyberry from Tochigi Prefecture as the base, this cake towers at a perilous 53cm. Named after the word for "reindeer" in French, the Rennes has been crafted to reflect the beauty of Christmas reindeer with a luxurious white chocolate coat. If youre celebrating an extra special Christmas this year, this cake may be for you. Order at least three days in advance online or at Palace Hotel Tokyo, for Dec. 21-25 store pick up.

Palace Hotel Tokyo
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