The Best Electronic Dartboards For Your Man Cave or Garage

There’s nothing that brings a group of guys (or gals) together better than a cold keg of beer and a good game of darts. However, if you plan on playing a game of darts with your kids or with kids around, an electronic dartboard is safer than a traditional board because they normally come with darts that have plastic tips. Electronic dartboards can also be more interactive than traditional ones because they have a variety of game options, multiplayer abilities and can keep digital records of your score.

Whether you’re a serious competitive darts player, a social player or just want to play for fun, there is an electronic dartboard that will meet your needs. When buying an electronic dartboard you want to look for boards that don’t have a lot of bounce, are durable and are easy to set up.

Things to consider before choosing the best electronic dartboard for you include:

Number of Games: One of the major advantages of electronic boards over traditional dartboards is the technology that comes built-in. This is especially true for built-in games. When choosing your board, it’s worth taking a look at how many different games (and the variations of those games) the board includes, as one with loads of games may offer many more hours of entertainment than those without. 

Storage: Once your game is done and dusted, you can just leave your darts in the board. However, this leaves them susceptible to falling out or being knocked out if they’re in a high-traffic area. The easy fix to this is to make sure the board you buy features in-board dart storage. Trust us — it’s a mighty handy feature to have.

Power Options: If you want a board in a remote part of your home away from sockets, it may be worth choosing a board that can be powered using batteries and not just a wall socket. These boards provide extra freedom and let you enjoy a game of darts in truly remote locations.

Aesthetic Appearance: If your board is going to be the focal part of your game room or man cave, you’re going to want to choose one which is attractive and fits in. Different boards are colored differently and some even include an external cabinet for an extra classy feel.

Once, you’ve considered what the best electronic dartboard is for you, check out the collection below. We’ve chosen eight of the top electronic dartboards that will fit the needs of any level player and any room in the house.