Today's game is Scene-It. If you are a huge movie buff,  you will do well at this game! There are multiple version of this game out but we have found we are the best at the original, and the Disney version.


Lay out the game board and choose a game piece for each player, placing them on the Start space. Make sure the Buzz cards and trivia cards and dice are all laid out as well.

Start the DVD. Begin by one person rolling the dice. You move the number of spaces shown on the one die, and then play depending on the symbol you roll on the other die.

If you roll a "My Play", you select that option from the DVD. You're the only one who will answer this question. If you guess correctly, you keep rolling.

If you roll an "All Play", select that option from the DVD. Everyone will play at once. If the rolling player guesses correctly first, they keep rolling. If someone else guesses correctly first, they can either move their game piece forward one space or force someone else to draw a Buzz Card.

If you get a trivia card, there are three options:

Take Three Challenge - you must identify an actor, actress or movie from three clues on the card.
Songs and Slogans Challenge - Answer a question associated with a song, slogan or tagline.
Pop Culture Challenge - Answer a question related to movie pop culture.

A Buzz Card:

You may also roll "Player's Choice" and you can choose between My Play, a Trivia Card, or a Buzz Card.

How to Win:
You will land on "Stop: All Play to Win" and choose that from the DVD menu. Everyone plays. If the rolling player guesses correctly first, they WIN! If the rolling player loses the challenge, they move to the next part on the board and wait for their next turn and another chance to win. You must win the challenge to win the game.

We absolutely love this game, and I bet you can find a version out there that fits your fancy!