Today's game is called Racko.

Everyone is dealt 10 cards. Do not look at them before placing them, but start placing the cards immediately, facing you, starting at the number 50 slot in your rack and working down to the number 5 at the front.

You are all trying to get your numbers in numerical order. The highest number in the deck is 60 and the lowest is 1. On your turn, you will take either the top card from the discard pile or the top card from the draw pile.

If you take from the discard pile, you must exchange the card you've picked up with one in your rack. Discard the card from your rack.

If you take from the draw pile, you may exchange the card for one in your rack or simply discard the card.

For example, if I drew the number 57, I would want to put it in the number 50 slot since there are only 60 numbers total. I would replace my number 24 card.

How to Win:
As soon as you get "RACKO", the round ends. When you have gotten all ten cards in numerical progression, you have reached RACKO!

Oh, we love this game! It's simple, not a lot to get out or clean up, and pretty fast.

Great for Learning:
Number order, strategy, decision-making