Today's game is one we have owned for so many years I can't believe we haven't made it through all the cards yet. Or... we've made it through the cards and have just forgotten!! It's called Disney Pictopia.


This game is really easy to play. Lay out the game board, pick a moving and make sure you grab a matching answer dial and five wager coins.

On your turn, roll the die. Advance that number of spaces. When you land on a space it will tell you which category to read from for your question. All other players wager a coin by placing it face down on the game board. Read the question out loud. For most of the questions, the players work together to decide the final answer. Once the final answer is decided (whether in a group or individual category), if the answer is correct, players flip over their wager coins and advance that number of spaces. Move on to the next player and continue the game.

How to Win:

Get to the castle space and answer the Final Challenge question correctly.

Thumbs up! We definitely know a lot about Disney, so this is a fun trivia game for us. There are some tougher ones about the Disney parks and some older movies, and there are some opinion questions thrown in for fun as well, so there's a lot of variety.