Peek & Find Arctic Animals

We have a new Peek & Find printable game for kids featuring 20 different Arctic Animals! Peek & Find is a great activity for Tot SchoolersPreschoolersKindergarteners, and beyond! There are a few variations to this activity that can easily grow with your child’s ability! Peek and Find is great for developing visual discrimination skills.

You can also add in some fun elements to the activity, or simply print, cut, and play! Below I will share the free printable, ideas for different levels of play, and fun variations.

There are two main elements of the Peek & Find activity.

The “FIND” boards {without words for younger kids, with words for a more advanced version}…

The “PEEK” cards…

Print the board you choose. Print the cards, on cardstock if possible, and cut them out. Laminate if you plan to use these cards repeatedly.

Looking for a great color printing option? See our favorite printer and ink here!


This new set includes 20 animals who live or spend time in/near the Arctic.

  1. Arctic fox
  2. Arctic hare
  3. Arctic wolf
  4. caribou
  5. Dall sheep
  6. lemming
  7. moose
  8. musk ox
  9. polar bear
  10. stoat
  11. wolverine
  12. beluga whale
  13. killer whale
  14. narwhal
  15. Arctic tern
  16. puffin
  17. snow goose
  18. snowy owl
  19. seal
  20. walrus


Option #1 {single player}

Print the Peek & Find board.

Print the cards and cut out.

Mix up the cards, choose one at a time and find the object on the Peek & Find board. Color, circle, or mark the object.

Option #2 {2 or more players}

Print a Peek & Find board for each player and one set of cards. Cut out the cards.

Flip over a card and race to see who finds the object first on their board. Using Dot Paint with this game is fun!

Winner keeps the card.

Person with the most cards at the end is the winner!

See a video of my daughter and I playing {we were using the SPRING theme board in this video}

Option #3 {sensory, fine motor activity}

Create a sensory bin and bury the cards.

Use a fine motor tool {child tweezers} to dig for cards and pull them out and then find the object on the Peek & Find board and mark it.

Option #4 {gross motor activity}

Hide the cards around the room and challenge your child to find one card at a time and bring it back to the board, find it, mark it, and repeat! This is a great version for those of you with energetic younger kids!


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Click below to be taken to the page where you can download this free printable! Look for the word “Download” and click it!

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