Outburst Jr.

Today's game is an OLDIE, but a GOODIE!! It's Outburst Junior!


Divide the players into two teams. Do not worry if there are an odd number of players.
Select a colored Scoring Glide for each team and attach it to the scorecard.
Slide a card into the card viewer, if you are not the guessing team. Ensure that all of the sliding tabs are hiding the checkmarks.
Read the topic to the guessing team. Flip the timer to begin the guessing team’s turn.
Shout out answers if you are the guessing team, the louder the better. All players guess at the same time so make sure you are heard. If your guess is correct, the player holding the card viewer will say “yes” and slide the sliding tab over. Your team has one minute to guess as many answers as possible.
Read out the answers that the guessing team did not guess correctly. On the scoreboard, slide your team’s marker one space for each correct answer. 
Play now passes to the other team.
Win the game by being the first team to reach 50 points.

I absolutely love this game! I loved it when I was a kid, and I love playing it with my kids now! We do also have the adult version of this game, and there aren't many categories we have to skip over with the kids. So, I think this is a game for the whole family no matter which version you have! Also, a lot of times we like to help each other out with hints of the clue words we are missing, so that can be a lot of fun as well!

Great for Learning:
Reaction time, brainstorming, vocabulary words