Kickstarter Alert: ‘SpaceGym’ Campaign Is Live – Get You Family Space Fun Now!

Space Gym

Last month we brought you a giveaway and preview for delightful game that marries family activity and learning about the stars: SpaceGym. Today, it goes live on Kickstarter!

This post was sponsored by ‘SpaceGym.’
Space Gym is the brainchild of Sue, who created the game for her 6 year-old  daughter to get her active while being engaged with space education. First, her daughter loved it. Sue made a few more sets for friends, who also loved it. Then she had 50 sets printed and, even at the height (depth?) of the epidemic, sold all those to other families looking for something new and fun.

Now, the family has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new print run of the game!

About the Game:
SpaceGym is an at-home gym game for kids aged 4-7, bundled into a floor game that’s fun for the entire family!
The game is set on a new planet. Aliens test each player with funny physical GYM challenges and SPACE trivia so they can “happily live ever after” on the planet. There are three sets of activity cards in the game – one each for age groups 4/5, 6/7, and for others. You can play the game a variety of ways, including by hopping:
The game keeps everyone engaged with three different game modes that use one or both of the two-sided activity mat and tabletop board. The mat makes you hop-skip-jump-crawl-and much more. The board will makes you trade coins with others to achieve goals.
For an early-bird special pledge of about $25, you get the following:

Visit the Kickstarter page and start hopping amongst the stars:


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