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How to Install a Gate – Sponsored by Adjust-A-Gate

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Transcript provided by YouTube:

hey kids nice to see you again so

today’s video is

is sponsored by adjustagate they reached

out to me and i thought it’d be a

perfect fit for my channel

because um in my book i do show you how

to build a cedar fence

but then gates can be a little tricky if

you try to build that from scratch

and they’ve made it pretty simple and

it’s long lasting

and i’ll walk you through that whole

thing uh but first

i have a dad joke for you so have you

noticed that

squirrels and birds are very indecisive

yeah they’re always on the fence ah so


let’s get started so a couple things i

forgot to add about this

uh with adjust the gate one of the

things i asked them to do is could we do

some giveaways

uh with this gate and they agreed so

we’re gonna give away

three adjuster gates uh so

to enter you’ll need to go to my


and tag a friend it’s as simple as that

that way we can

uh draw the names from that and uh then

adjust the gate i’ll let them know and

they’ll ship you out

your free gate uh and then also

as an added bonus too there’s gonna be a

link in the description

with uh and you just click on that it’ll

take you there

and then you’ll use the um code dad how

do i

and you’ll get 10 off and free shipping

if you order

a gate from them direct so anyway just

want to throw that out there

uh as an added bonus for you

okay so one thing i always like to do

and i’ve done this in other videos it’s

always good to just get

everything out of the box and just look

at it

familiarize yourself with the different

pieces there’s only

a couple pages of instructions it has


languages so that’s why this is so thick

but really it’s just that that

and that okay so i just think it’s

important again to just kind of walk

through kind of familiarize

what’s going on here you are gonna need

two two by fours for the cross pieces

okay this is just the frame

the nice thing about this again is that

uh it’s not going to sag on you if

you’ve ever made a gate

and you put in that uh that cross

piece that kind of runs on it over time

those just sag

they just do you know the the gate sits

out in the weather and they just

they just sag and so this thing is

pretty slick

it actually has this adjustment here to

keep it from sagging if it starts to sag

you just tighten it up a little bit

pretty cool uh so yeah so you’re gonna


two two by fours one for the top one for

the bottom and then you also need your


uh your fencing too that’s going to be

attaching to this as well

uh so anyway i just kind of walked

through it got myself familiar with it

one thing very cool

i love it when they make it as simple as

possible they have

each bag is numbered one

two three four five

it just makes it so much easier

sometimes yeah you know you get all

these bolts and stuff and it’s like okay

i hope that’s the right one and they try

to show you

a picture of it with a certain size or

whatever boy dummy proof it for me it

just makes it that much easier so

anyway now that i’m familiar with it

we’re gonna go outside and

install it okay so it tells me to locate

the center point

on my post my post actually extends up

above and then i got a little

bridge going across to the other side so

i’m just gonna call

this the top right somewhere in here


something like that okay so i’m just

going to figure out where the center

point is

about 71 inches so what’s half a 71

quick 35 and a half okay so 35 and a


i’m gonna come down here to 35 and a


all right so this was my center point

right here

i measured down 16 inches to there and i


up 16 inches to there from this center

point okay

and the brackets are going to go on here

and on here

so i made the mark on the outside here


and then you can just double check this

to make sure you’re good

just 16 plus 16 is what 32

so then you just measure this overall

length in your 32 just as a way to

double check it

okay okay so i’m going to actually drill

pilot holes

because i think that that always makes

things go better if i tried to put

this is a fairly thick screw if i tried

to put that in there it’s going to

spread and things might splinter so i

want to remove some of that wood i don’t

want to remove too much of it because

you want these to hold

but we’re just going to drill a pilot

hole with uh

a drill bit that’s a couple sizes

smaller than this

okay so i’m just going gonna do

this might not be enough but see that

how it’s just

it’s thinner than the than the actual


can you see that yeah so that way it’ll

just remove some of the wood out so

things don’t

splinter right if i just tried to drive

that in there it might actually crack

the wood

okay so i’m going to go ahead and mark

these first

i’m just going to put this on up here

i’ve got a guy

chainsawing and a guy doing leaf blowing

i think

so i’m battling them now that i’ve

removed my gate but anyway i’m just

going to mark these okay

i’m just going to mark where i’m going

to put those pilot holes


there we go i can see him see him see

him see okay so

i’m just gonna go ahead and

okay then we’ll

i’m just going to kind of show you what

i’m doing one one of them


don’t need to go through all of them

with you but just so you understand what

we’re doing


see that way it removed some of the some

of the wood from in there so that

might need to go up just uh i don’t want

to go too big because if you do it too

big then it’s gonna

you know they’re not really gonna grip

so i’ll probably go up uh one step

and i’m gonna do that for all four of

those and i’m gonna do it for all four

of those before i actually put in the

in the screw okay i went up one size on

my drill bit

and so we’re just going through each of

these and


just to remove some of that wood out of

there okay

okay now we’ll go ahead and attach


okay and remember how i said that these

things are labeled

this is the screw that you want that’s

going in here it was bag number one

and they call them screw j

okay so this is how these should

actually go these just wrap right around


okay so we’re gonna go ahead and put the

top one on and then we’ll put the bottom

one on

all right so this is the upper one so

this is facing down

right so that’s the upper we’re just

gonna go ahead and finish it off

okay now we’ll install the bottom one

right so this is the bottom one and this

peg is sticking up

okay so i’ve already put in the other

screws i’m just gonna finish it off here

okay now we’re we can go ahead and uh

put the first frame on

okay so now it says to loosely attach

these hinges

to the hinge what does it call it

hinge side of the gate frame


now i always like to just tighten it up

just by hand with this just to make sure


okay that looks good

all right same thing on the bottom

okay and one little

make it snug here

okay that looks good

okay now it says to attach these and

basically you’re just gonna

slide you can see how it’s got a wrap a

curved part on it can you see that

yeah okay so that’s just gonna slide

right in here

it’s only gonna go one way you can’t put

it in any other way

that’s gonna slide in there and that’s

just gonna be able to be a you know you

can adjust it for the size of your game

okay and then we’re gonna do another one

for the

to the bottom

okay so now next step okay

so it says within one inch here so we’re

just gonna go

again things are real rough right now

loose so you just gotta be careful

okay so we’re just gonna kind of get it

over there close okay

okay so now i’m going to decide um how

long my two by fours are going to be

and so basically you want to go an inch

over here okay an inch away

i just want to get an inch slide it


okay and that’s where my that’s where

i’m going to measure my 2×4


come over here it looks like it’s about

40 47.

i’m gonna go 47 first and then that one

i can always

take a little bit off looks like 47


all right so i’m going to attach the one

on this side

you have too fight it a little bit to

get it in the right spot

beautiful okay now i can tighten down

the other two

and i’m gonna do the same thing to the

to the bottom board okay

okay now let’s see this this is sliding

still so and there’s three screws

underneath here

three holes and basically just i would

want to get that

roughly in the center right

so kind of slide it around

okay i’ll go ahead and i’m gonna attach

the other two and then i’m gonna do

the same thing at the bottom okay now

we’re gonna attach

this it’s gonna go diagonally and they

say to go ahead and open this up all the

way so you want to get this

wide open right just loosen this up

because then that what that will do for

you when you do want to tighten this

it gives you some wiggle room right if

these were already closed and then you

installed this and then you needed to

tighten it there’d be no room for it to

to move so we’re going to go ahead and

loosen up that one too

all right i just wanted to show you that

before oops i’m actually tightening that

i want to show you what that looks like

before before i installed it

okay because you want a big gap here so

that you can

adjust it later all right so then they

give you this little

uh clamp here and basically you just

kind of get it

close where you want it and then you

just loosen this up

okay loosen these nuts on here and then

you just

slide that right through that’s what i

ended up doing see that i just slid it

right through the

hole there okay so then i’m just going

to go like this

tighten it back up get it pretty close

and then i’m just going to tighten these

i’ll need to grab a little socket here

to tighten it all the way i’m just

trying to get it hand tight for now

this is kind of slick it’s a cool little

adjustment that you’ll be able to make

over the years if things start to sag a

little bit all you got to do is just

tighten that turnbuckle and then that’ll

pull that

pull the sag out of your fence of your


okay so we’re pulling this tight looks

like this is an eight millimeter

so we just want to tighten that up good

so it’s close

and then we’ll tighten it up with that

turn buckle


make sure that’s tight so it’s not

slipping right

okay looks good and then we’ll just snip


extra off

okay we’re getting close now the last

thing we want to do

is the the latch so we’re going to we

decide where we want to put that

and then you have these self-tapping


that basically you just put wherever you

decide you want them

okay i’m going to go ahead and

attach it there so it’s kind of like a


that screws in and then and then it

screws up

you know it taps it and then it screws

all the way in

so you can see you gotta have a little

bit of patience and maybe even slow it

down just kind of

work your way with it okay so that’s

where we’re gonna want

want the latch and i’ll go ahead and do

the other one

so there’s actually two more here and i

might go ahead and do those as well

so basically we’re just gonna figure out

where that’s gonna hit

somewhere right in there

okay i’m gonna mark these and then put

up a pilot hole

on it looks like that looks about right

so right in there

drill pilot hole for those first and

then i’ll

open it back up and then i’ll drill

pilot holes on the side so let me go

ahead and

let’s see here

take that off i can see where my holes



okay so we’re super close now all we

gotta do is put our

fence boards on so here we go so this is

how this looks

nice nice and clean okay

and it just swings back

nice i’m just go i’m gonna go ahead and

attach those fence boards now

okay so this is my board just sitting on

the ground here

so i’m gonna have to trim it i’ll

probably trim

about an inch off i think because i want

to make sure

that it doesn’t drag because it opens on

the inside

and i’ve got cement on the other side so

there’s no give there’s no wiggle room

okay i’m actually changing my mind here

i was actually thinking i was gonna cut

this board

but i think what i’m gonna do is i’m

gonna lift it up about an inch inch and

a half

and then i’m going to have it come here

and then i’m going to actually put a

little just a tiny subtle arc on it just

to see how that looks

um because worse comes worse i can just

remove the boards and

just cut it off straight but i think

we’ll just see what that looks like

um yeah it’ll just be a nice subtle

uh little arch and that way it’ll come

actually back down to where it’s

it’s fairly close to what that looks

like right so

we’ll see how that looks okay i’m just

going to go ahead and start

putting these up lining up the top and

yeah and then we’ll figure out what the

arch ends up looking like

you know you get to pick what you want

it to look like too here

okay and you don’t need to leave a gap

here because

uh these boards will end up shrinking

and they’ll

they’ll leave a little gap i’d like to

pinch them as close as possible when i

put them up

i just use one screw too

okay so i’m just gonna go ahead and

finish this up

all right so i’m using these inch and a

half uh deck screws

that’s what i like to use and i just

used one and i’ve

my other fence uh been up 20 years and

no problem a lot of times you see people

use two i don’t think it’s necessary so

uh i just do one and then this is

actually a cedar board

make sure your 2×4 is meant to be

outdoors if you get one

that’s meant to be indoors then this

won’t last so cedar’s meant to last

uh and inch and a half this is an inch

and a half

this is half inch roughly you know they

kind of vary

uh so you’re gonna get a good bite there

with an inch and a half

okay so i’m just gonna go ahead and

finish this up and then we’ll we’ll

probably have to trim a little bit on

the side to

to make sure that it uh it fits

nice and tight for us so here’s another

little trick that i like to

i like to do as i’m doing this it’s

always good

to kind of measure as you’re going along

because then you can see how

what you’re looking like so we can see

it’s about 35 and a half

okay so i’m at 35

about 35 and three quarters at the

bottom so it’s pretty close

but you could if you wanted to i mean i

have a

saw so i can rip it um at the end and

that’s what i’ll end up doing too

but uh you know you can space this out

as you go along to kind of make up

for that uh that gap so that it comes

out and it’s straight at the end

again i like to keep mine tight and i

have a uh

rip saw that i’ll be able to rip the

skill saw

or i even have a table saw two that i

can do and just mark it and then i’ll be

able to rip it that way but if you don’t

you know just as you’re building it

think about that because you can kind of

make it come out the way you want it to

come out

okay and then what i ended up doing as

an added

look is i ended up putting this extra


across here it’s not needed but i

thought it looked kind of cool my wife

thought this was cool with these little

um nails kind of rough nails and we

painted them black

just to add a cool little uh look to it

i ended up putting that

uh that arch on it i thought it would

just give it a nice

cool touch you could just leave this

board straight if you wanted to

uh but that frame you know once you got

that frame there you can kind of

get as creative as you want to and i end

up buying these handles too those don’t

come as a part of it because

that way you can get whatever handle you

want to use and so this is how this

works on this side so it just

just lifts up like that pull it shut

pretty cool right so since it’s this way

on my gate

it’s on the left hand side i’m lifting

up if it was on the other side

you’d push down right just because that

that would be flipped

and here’s another thing that we added

to ours

is this little hook right here that

isn’t a part of it

but it’s it’s kind of a security measure

we put a cowbell

kind of cool my wife came up with this

so so that every time

somebody opens the gate the cowbell



right so that way you know if somebody’s

coming in your gate

so anyway you don’t need to do that and

then i also when i added the handle i

ended up

adding a board here so that i could have

a handle on both sides

right because this board would be too

thin if i had to handle those screws

would come through so i added this board

right here

uh it’s a one inch a one by four and

it’s just in there so the other one can

screw in from both sides

all right so i hope that was helpful for

you uh

yeah that that gate should last a very

long time and then you just

if it starts to sag you just adjust it

with that turn buckle and tighten that

up and pull it up just a little bit i

don’t imagine you’ll have to use that

uh too often um but yeah you have that

adjustment as well

so uh yeah don’t uh don’t forget to

enter um by going to my instagram

and tagging a friend and then also

remember to check out that link if you

don’t win then you can buy

or yeah buy the by the gate and

then get 10 off and free shipping so

anyway i hope that was helpful for you

thanks for watching and god bless you

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