Googly Eyes

Today's game is a really silly one: Googly Eyes. Do not play this game if you take yourself too seriously.


Place the game board in the middle of the table. Shuffle all the cards and place them face down next to the board. Place everything within the reach of all players. Place your pawns on the Start space.

Roll the die and move on the game board. If your pawn lands on a green space, put the green lenses in the glasses and get ready to look AMAZING!!

Take the top card from the pile (BEFORE you put on the glasses!) and announce the category. Read the challenge to yourself and announce the time limit.

Put your wacky glasses on, let the other team or player set the timer, and begin! You are drawing the picture with the wacky glasses on in this time limit. No speaking or miming. No letters or numbers.

If you get it right, you may roll the dice and move forward that amount of spaces.

There are special spaces as well. You may get to choose the color of your lenses, you might have to draw with your opposite hand, you may be allowed to draw without the wacky glasses, or you might have to skip a turn.

How to Win:

Reach the finish first!


A fun, easy game to play! Great for laughing at yourself and others!

Great for Learning:

Fine motor skills and art!