Fall of Man Prayer Stations

As I worked through different Fall of Man prayer stations for these Bible lessons, I started thinking about what the lesson is really about. Really as I teach it (since there I have to get through the entire Bible in two years), it’s two lessons in one.

Fall of Man Prayer Stations for Sunday School

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Fall of Man Prayer Stations supplies

This is all part of the Fall of Man unit (or pick up the bundle), so the printables are all in there

play dough, dry erase board and marker, index cards (optional matches and small glass bowl), bandana, Hershey kisses, tea candles, blue tape

Fall of Man prayer stations for kids

Setting up prayer stations

Obviously, your set-up will truly depend on what your room looks like. I’ve done prayer stations in various different church in a box situations, so my prayer stations were often different spots on the floor in the room.

I let them go free form from station to station, but in a more formal setting and if I had more volunteers, I might do it on a timer, and have kids go through a rotation.

The pictures are taken in my house for the Fall of Man prayer stations.

fall of man prayer station blame game

This first prayer station is confessing when you blamed someone else for your sin, and as you confess erasing what you wrote. Kids will need time to think about it, and encourage them to think and be willing to sit at this station for awhile.

fall of man prayer station confess sin option 2

This is the version of blame game I’d love to do if I had enough adult volunteers to man individual stations, or this one in particular because it involves fire. Instead of erasing the dry erase board, burn the index card.

fall of man prayer station plan for salvation

As soon as God pronounced judgement He gave a plan for salvation, so this is an opportunity to write down someone’s name you are praying for their salvation.

fall of man prayer station temptation

This is kind of a funny one and could end up with melted chocolate in their pocket. But, they’re going to try and resist temptation and not eat it.

Good luck.

fall of man prayer station thank for clothes

A chance to thank God for your clothes, and thank God we do not have to kill animals for our clothes like Adam and Eve had to.

fall of man prayer station trusting god

This is my favorite, and you definitely need an adult here to make sure everyone is going through the station safely. Lay out a simple obstacle course with blue tape. In partners, one partner will be blind-folded and the other will lead them through it. As you are being led pray you can trust God the same way you are trusting your partner to lead you. I like how much trust it takes, and how similar it can be to our trusting God.

And that’s the Fall of Man prayer stations. I feel like I need to put in a Cain and Abel set of prayer stations, but I don’t know if I ever followed through with doing that.

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