CGM Recommends: Best Toys for the Holidays 2022

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Tis the season of joy, closeness of family and friends and of course, stressful holiday shopping. Sometimes the season rolls around too fast, and you find yourself racing against Santa Claus to find the best toys for your kids. This year, beat Santa at his own game and grab some unique toys that your kids will love. CGM may not solve all the stress of the holidays, but we can at least make holiday shopping a bit less chaotic.

Here is CGM Recommends: Best Toys for the Holidays 2022.

Marvel BATTLEWORLD: Rise of The Symbiote

cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $9.99

The makers of Funko Pop! bring some new gifts to the table—or should I say Christmas tree? This holiday season with series 4 of their Marvel Battleworld adventure game. 30 or more new characters to collect, some are even rare! You have the ability to change your stats and powers with the new Symbiote Sleeve, and even their new reusable Thanostones can add some challenge to the game. Play against friends or team up to start the superhero story of your dreams! Unite young or old fans with their favourite characters from movies, TV shows, Marvel comic books and more. One of the best toys for kids this year!

Ravensburger GraviTrax Starter Set

cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $79.99

Do you want to get your kids’ brains active around the holidays? It could be difficult to engage them in something that feels like school work when they’re off for the holiday break, but what if it didn’t have to be that way? Instead, give them one of the best toys that is fun and exciting but also challenges their brain. The GraviTrax Starter Set comes with easy-to-read instructions, so your kids could be playing within minutes. Watch your children’s brains grow as they experiment with kinetics, magnetism, and gravity all while being taught valuable learning skills like spatial reasoning and planning.

Logitech K380 Line-Friends Brown

cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $69.98

Perhaps your little ones spend some time on their tablets or phones, whether it’s school work, games, or the internet, let your kid have fun with what they type with. The Logitech K380 Line-Friends keyboard connects straight to any device imaginable, even smartphones! It’s portable, so you can bring it along wherever you go. Let your children practise their typing skills this holiday season.

Marvel Heroes of Goo Jit Zu

cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $34.39

All of your friends are here to fight by your side. Your favourite superheroes seem to have some different powers to test out! Radioactive Spider-Man and Thunder Thor glow in the dark, Miles Morales is in his metal suit and Black Panther has vibranium power! Your child will have a fantastic time fighting off super villains just like in the comics! These will definitely be one of the best toys this holiday season.

Rocket League Custom Racer RC – Octane

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Price: $29.99

This remote control Rocket League car replica has features as awesome as: sounds, hundreds of customizable design options and my personal favourite: under-glow lighting, so your child’s car can look just as awesome as they are. The car comes with a controller, game ball, 4 more interchangeable wheels, 2 vehicles, 2 antenna toppers, a decal sheet, and a goalpost. Go wild with a Rocket League car that looks like it was ripped right out of the game! Sure to be one of the best toys under the tree this year.

Brio Disney Princess Castle Set

cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $144.99

Let’s go on a Disney princess adventure with Princesses: beautiful Belle, dashing Cinderella (no pun intended), and charming Aurora who’ve all arrived sporting their signature gowns and a little bit of Disney magic. This year for the holidays, watch your children have the train ride of their lives with their favourite Disney princesses. Open up the castle and invite all the princesses and princes to the Magic Castle party! The fun never ends.  


cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $179 USD

Do you remember your first Game Boy? Whether it was colorless, had no backlight or you simply didn’t have many games, I’m sure you still treasured every minute of its convenience and portability. Perhaps now your child is looking for something new and improved, something with that same portability and endless fun, enter: The Playdate. The Playdate works with Wi-Fi and initially comes with over 20 games for endless fun right at your fingertips. Perfect for road trips or quiet time at home, a great choice this holiday season.

CircuitMess CircuitPet 

cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $119.99

Going on from virtual throwbacks, how long has it been since you fed your Tamagotchi? The circuit pet is just like your favourite little guy from 1997 except he has a modern twist, and a fun one at that. This handheld virtual pet is also a DIY project! With all the given parts you can build, explore, code and then chat and play with your new best friend. Build your child’s mind by helping them build themselves some tech. Help your child find joy in creation with one of the best toys this year. 

Spidey and His Amazing Friends Labyrinth

cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $34.99

Has Monopoly come up on game night one too many times? Well, spice it up with a bit of your favourite superhero action. Spider-Man and his friends can’t wait to get out of this labyrinth, but they need your help! The board game comes with 17 maze tiles, 1 game board, 12 round tokens, 4 playing pieces, and clear and easy-to-read instructions. Ravensburger has been making games for over 130 years, so this year, make sure you find them under your tree.

Hot Wheels Skate™ Fingerboards & Skate Shoes 

cgm recommends best holiday toys

Price: $11.99

Hot Wheels partnered with Tony Hawk to create something wonderful. With these finger skateboards you don’t have to worry about intricate moves that take months of perfecting, Tony Hawk has thought of something for everyone. No matter if you’re new to fingerboarding or not, slide on some finger shoes and your fingers will attach right to the board, so you can now do complicated tricks in no time. Now THAT’S awesome. These will be a hit on Christmas morning!

VIP Pets 

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Price: $24.99 

Your child will experience magic this holiday season by simply putting their hand on top of this heart-shaped gem and revealing one of 12 (or more) VIP Pets right in front of their eyes! What you can expect from a gem capsule is: 1 doll, 2 or more hair ties, a comb, a pair of fashion sunglasses, a decorative accessory, a styling accessory, an awesome hairdressing salon chair and more. Give the gift of pets without the mess—or commitment—this holiday season!

In the end, the holidays always win you over again with sweet treats, gifts and togetherness, no matter how stressful. Let’s just hope that the time you spent shopping has less stress and was well worth it.