Best Christmas Gift Idea For Kids: Uproar! Game of Sounds #MegaChristmas22

Uproar  from McMiller is a Game of Silly Sounds, Fun Family Card Game, Easy to Play Fun Challenges and  ideal for Holidays or Christmas gifts that will keep your family game night fun and silly! My kids will love getting this, and I look forward to playing it with them. 

UpRoar! is the super simple yet hugely hilarious card game where mooing like an angry cow can win you the game. 

LOOKING FOR DRINKING GAMES? Yup, you found one. Our pocket-sized, purse-perfect pack can go anywhere: a friend’s birthday party, board game night, a family gathering where you’d rather play a hilarious new word game over answering questions about your life choices.

About McMiller:

Originally from Largs, Scotland, David studied musical theatre at the Dance School of Scotland and Guildford School of Acting. After graduating, David landed a supporting role in a West End play, saw his payslip and thought, ‘I need to start a business.’

Spotting a gap in the market for board games that could really, actually make you laugh, David created Game For Fame, which went on to become‘s #1 selling board game – four Christmas’ in a row!

During this time, David enjoyed a varied acting career which included playing one of the Jersey Boys on London’s West End, landing lead roles at The Royal Shakespeare Company, and going viral with his sketch series Dave McG TV.

However, it was David’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for all things creative that lead him to focus on McMiLLER full-time with business/real-life partner Julian.

UpRoar is the game of silly sounds, where mooing like a confused cow can win you the game! 

  • Take two cards, spot the matching pair of words, and first to sound them out wins the cards.

  • Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game is the winner! Easy … or is it?

  • This award-winning party game is perfect for adults, grannies, grumpy uncles, trendy teens, and kids aged 7 years plus. If you can read, you can play.

  • UpRoar is 100% plastic-free, biodegradable, compostable and carbon neutral, making it light on the environment, but heavy on the laughs.

  • SIMPLE. FUNNY. UPROARIOUS. If you can read, you can play. Perfect for anyone who likes to laugh – a lot. Like, till it hurts a bit.
  • EASY TO PLAY. Take two cards, spot the only matching pair of words, and be the first to sound out the answer. Bring on your BWEEEOEW NOWNOW BWOW guitar solo, your WHOOOOSH BANG firework, your BUCKCAUUUK? confused chicken.
  • MULTI-GENERATIONAL. This party game is perfect for adults, grannies, grumpy uncles, trendy teens, and kids aged 8 years plus.


Ages 7+ | MSRP: $9.99 

Available for purchase on Amazon. 

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