39 of the Best Sex Games for Couples Bound to Lead to an Unforgettable Date Night

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While flowers, chocolates, and a fancy dinner remain ever-popular gifts for your paramour, why not try injecting a little fire into your next date night with one of the best sex games for couples? 

Sex games for couples are one of the most popular ways to introduce something new into the bedroom. You can simply take an existing game you love and give it a sexy spin, or you can embark on a whole new erotic adventure with a game designed to ignite hot and steamy action. The best sex games for couples introduce an element of spontaneity into the bedroom, which can be a major turn-on for many couples. 

The good news — and we mean very good news — is that there is no shortage of ideas for how exactly you incorporate games into your trysts between the sheets. Like any game, if one style doesn’t work or appeal to you, there are always plenty more out there. And, if games as a whole don’t get you going, perhaps check out the best sex toys for more erotic inspiration.

We’ve included a list of the 39 best sex games for couples to add to their sexual toy chests. These games include: 

Most of these sex games have different levels depending on whether you’re looking for more romance or pure unadulterated passion. Find the one that sounds most appealing to you, and in no time, you’ll be counting the days until February 14th comes back around again.

1. Creative Conceptions Monogamy Board Game


With over 400 different seductive ideas for you to try, the Creative Conceptions Monogamy Board Game is a fun way to reconnect and try new things with your partner. The dynamic game involves three different levels of progressive play, namely intimate, passionate, and steamy. As you land on the monogamy square, you’ll take a card and discover which task you will perform next. There are also 50 fantasy cards that can be part of the game itself or used as a fun way to create a night to remember. 

Creative Conceptions Monogamy Board Game

Buy: Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game $30.49

2. Bondage Seductions Sex Game


If you’re looking to dabble in kink but aren’t the most experienced, then consider Bondage Seductions. Not only is this one of the best sex games for couples, but it’s also a great option for newcomers to kink. This comprehensive kit will introduce you to restraints, blindfolds, and sensation play with 36 instructional cards, decadent satin materials, and naughty accessories like a flogger. Do you prefer to be gently spanked or mercilessly flogged? If you’re looking to add a new aspect to your sex life along with some new sensations, consider this game.

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Bondage Seductions Sex Game

3. Lovehoney Oh! XOXO Sex Checks


Nothing’s better than payday, right? Especially when you’re getting paid in sexual favors. These Lovehoney sex checks, with unisex instructions for any gender, are the perfect way to spice up foreplay and sex. There are also two blank checks for you to fill out whatever dirty fantasy or activity you have in mind. Whether you’re looking for repayment for a household chore or a surprising add-on to an anniversary, these checks are the best way to redeem an IOU. With Valentine’s Day coming up, these sex checks could be an excellent gift idea for your boyfriend.

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Lovehoney Oh! XOXO Sex Checks

4. Kheper Games A Year of Sex! The Card Game


Promising a year of sex that’ll never get boring, this Year of Sex! Card Game by Kheper Games includes 50 Kama Sutra positions that range in intensity. The cards can be used as reference guides, or you can play one of the three sex games included to build your perfect fantasy. Complete with 50 cards that have steamy illustrations and instructions; there are easy positions as well as more challenging ones that will inspire plenty of ideas in the bedroom. 

Kheper Games Year of Sex Card Game

5. Mind, Body & Soul Game For Any Couple!


If spirituality is one thing you and your partner have in common, you’ll want to check out Mind, Body & Soul, which is also one of the best gender-neutral sex games for couples in 2023. Whoever aligns their chakras first wins, and the reward is an intimate treat. Things can get wild and sensual with this game, which can energize relationships and help partners reveal themselves to each other. Whip up your favorite drinks, light some candles, and ask questions to open up those chakras. 

Mind, Body & Soul Game For Any Couple

6. Lovehoney Sexy Snap Card Game


Snap is a game where players deal cards, reacting quickly to spot pairs of cards in the same rank. This is similar but dirtier. Filled with racy words and pictures, players need to flip over cards and be the first to shout what matching images or words they see. It’s fun, uncomplicated, and a great preface to some foreplay. A game that’s as hilarious as it is sexy, and we think that some lighthearted laughing is a great vibe to get that spark going.  Great for poly or monogamous people. 

Lovehoney Sexy Snap Card Game

7. Good Times Here We Cum Foreplay Game


There’s a little bit of everything in this foreplay game appropriately dubbed “Good Times Here We Come.” With included dice, playing cards, and a spinner for multiple foreplay scenarios that feels like a more grown-up take on Spin The Bottle, you get tons of variety and get to pick your poison in this under $13.00 game that’s great for spicing things up at home or on holiday. Designed for two players, you can always skip the foreplay and go straight to the cards, but with options like kissing, spanking, and massage, why would you want to miss out on that?

Good Times Here We Come Foreplay Game

8. MysteryVibe Play Cards


The makers of your favorite bendable sex toy sell their own play cards, which will show you some new-age Kama Sutra moves and show you how to get the best from your MysteryVibe vibrators. For that reason, we recommend this set of play cards for MysteryVibe toy owners. However, there are plenty of intimate positions you can utilize with your own toys for explosive orgasms. From learning how to turbocharge oral skills to finding ways to enhance solo sessions, this is a book of play cards you don’t want to miss out on. 

Mysteryvibe Play Cards

9. Wood Rocket Fetish Coloring Book


Coloring books aren’t just for kids. In fact, drawing and filling out coloring books are a great active meditation tactic that can help reduce stress and relax. Take that relaxation to another level with this adults-only coloring book that celebrates all kinds of fetishes and sexual power dynamics, filled with 24 dirty coloring pages. If BDSM isn’t your thing, they also carry a Boobs Coloring Book filled with beautiful women. Take your pick!

Wood Rocket Fetish Coloring Book

10. Edible Body Paint Kit


Body painting your lover is hot, but edible body paint is even better. Why not treat your lover like a canvas and make art together? This edible body painting kit lets you get creative with delicious flavors like passion fruit, cherry, Pina colada, and strawberry. Whether you’re marking them with handprints on sensual places or giving them goosebumps by painting on shapes with the included brush, there are endless ways to mix things up with this interactive foreplay tool. Better yet, step things up and do an erotic photoshoot with bae and give paint night a new meaning. 

Edible Body Paint Kit

11. Kheper Games 50 Positions of Bondage


Whether you’re experienced in the world of kink and looking to spice things up or a newbie to BDSM, this “50 Positions of Bondage” card deck will help expand your imagination and give you some more ideas. With five categories of bondage position challenges, these cards can also act as flash cards for bondage-friendly position ideas whenever you and bae are looking to try something new.  The cards can also give you inspiration on new BDSM toys that you might want to add to your collection. 

Kheper Games 50 Positions of bondage

12. Kheper Games Glow-In-The-Dark Sex Dice Game


While there are many sex games for couples with dice, this is the only one you can play in the dark. These glow-in-the-dark sex dice are perfect for couples who prefer lights-off intimate time or dim lighting. Blue and pink dice reveal erotic positions you can try, while the green dice indicate how much time you’ll spend getting to know your lover from that angle, and drawn-on arrows indicate the giver and receiver. Great for two partners or group play.

Kheper Games Glow-In-The-Dark Sex Dice Game

13. Full Disclosure Strip, Truth or Dare Game for Lovers


Get to know your new partner a bit better through the Full Disclosure Strip, Truth or Dare Game for Lovers. In this game, you’ll find 120 cards full of truth questions and naughty dare moves. In addition, there’s a spinner that tells you when to strip and exactly how to do it. Not only will this game lead to hot and steamy sex if you play it right, but it will also help you to learn more about your partner’s past and his or her desires. In addition to the basic truth-and-dare structure, the game also includes “naughty extras,” like a Bonus Sex card, to keep things fresh and wild.

best sex games Full Disclosure Strip, Truth or Dare Game

14. Domin8 Sex Game


Whether you and your partner are already into BDSM or you want to give it a try, the Entrenue Domin8 Sex Game might be the right choice for you. The game bills itself as “a great way of giving and receiving sexual pleasure while exploring exciting new activities together.” Basically, it allows you to play out your control fantasies in a safe and structured environment. The game includes 36 dominoes, two Domin8 You cards, two Domin8 Me cards, and 24 scenario cards. There are also other exciting goodies in the box, but we won’t spoil the surprise.

Entrenue Domin8 Sex Game

Buy: Entrenue Domin8 Sex Game $23.10

15. Oral Fun Board Game


As one of the best sex games that’s actually a board game, the Oral Fun Board Game can be a fun addition to any quiet night in. The goal of the game is to race to square 69, answering adult-orientated trivia questions and completing sexy oral tasks along the way. You might have to give oral treats, drink, blindfold, or pleasure your partner during gameplay. The game’s creators recommend bringing along some flavored lube, small edibles, ice cubes, a blindfold, and an alcoholic beverage to the gameplay. Ideal for two players, this is one sex game you won’t get bored of quickly.

Oral Fun Board Game

16. Our Sex Game


The Our Sex Game doesn’t look like a traditional novelty board game. It’s not covered in lewd images and doesn’t have a red and black color scheme. Instead, it’s full of bright colors (although it does have a giant S-E-X written across the game board). Still, it was this uniqueness that persuaded us to include OSG on our list of the best sex games. Gameplay begins on the “S”, which represents seductive. It then moves on to “E” for erotic and, finally, “X” for X-rated. When a player lands on an OSG square, he or she picks a card and acts out the scene on that card. We’ll be surprised if you get to the end of this game without ditching it in favor of a steamy encounter.

best sex games our sex game

17. ARTAGIA Store Talk, Flirt, Dare!


As one of the highest-rated and best-selling sex games on Amazon, Talk, Flirt, Dare! is sure to spice up your Valentine’s Day. There are no complicated rules to this game. Simply pick which deck you want to use of the three included decks (talk, flirt, and dare), flip a card, and ask the question or complete the action on the other side. Of course, you’ll want to pick the deck based on the type of activities you’d like to do and the current level of your relationship, but this “game” is a great way to get to know your partner a little bit better.

ARTAGIA Store Talk, Flirt, Dare!

Buy: ARTAGIA Store Talk, Flirt, Dare! $24.95 (orig. $32.95) 24% OFF

18. Sex!!! Board Game


No matter how you identify, Sex!!! is for you. This fast-paced game is ideal for folks in groups ranging from two to four people in total looking to get down and dirty with one another consensually. The winner chooses the position and gets to choose whether they’re giving or receiving. It’s also available in a number of other languages.

Sex!!! Board Game

19. Tingletouch Game Dare Duel


Dare Duel is a fun game for couples and everyone else, too. No matter your gender, sexual orientation, or relationship status, this versatile game comes with rules for two people and more than two people as well. The game entails taking turns to draw cards and putting together words and phrases from the cards to create your choice of fun, romantic or sexy acts to perform. In addition, you’ll battle your fellow players for who has to perform the act. There are hundreds of different words on the cards, giving near-endless possibilities, so every game is truly unique. Arm yourself with your favorite couple’s sex toys and prepare for a sexy game night.

Tingletouch Game Dare Duel

Buy: Tingletouch Game Dare Duel $25.99

20. Tingletouch Poker for Couples


Tingletouch is your classic game of poker… that’s unlike any poker game you’ve ever played. This game comes in two different versions, a sped-up version and a longer, more strategic option, depending on how much time you want to spend foreplaying your foreplay. There are a number of NSFW rewards folks will receive when winning, which is sure to start you and your partner off on an exciting ride for the rest of your night.

Tingletouch Poker for Couples

Buy: Tingletouch Poker for Couples $25.99

21. LOOPY Game for Couples


Unlike many of the other card games on our list, LOOPY doesn’t make you pick a card. Instead, you’ll need to use the spinner to determine the type of card you draw. This makes the game one of chance. In addition to the “Kisses,” “Talks,” “Fondles,” “Fun Activities,” and mystery decks, this game also comes with a satin blindfold, allowing you to really spice up your date night.

game for couples loopy

Buy: LOOPY Game for Couples $33.99 (orig. $36.99) 8% OFF

22. Sexopoly Game


Love Monopoly? Then, Sexolpoly is the questionably trademarked sex game for you, your partner, and up to six other really good friends. However, unlike the original, you won’t be looking to build houses and hotels. Instead, you’ll be in charge of managing sex shops, sexy costume stores, strip clubs, and other sex-based businesses. This NSFW board game doesn’t necessarily involve sexual activity like some of the other games featured here. Still, it could be a great activity for bachelorette parties and other special events.

The game comes with fun and funny “Risky and Frisky” cards, which include instructions like “Perform a sexy dance for another player to your left” and “You have won first prize in a cross-dressing competition — collect $100 from each player.”

Sexopoly Game

23. Love Lingual: Card Game


Some couples aren’t as kinky as others, and that’s totally fine! If your idea of a spicy sex game for couples starts with words of affirmation, Love Lingual is the best one out there for you and your partner. This game is designed to start a conversation with your partner by using 150 cards to help strengthen your connection with one another. It’s simple, not too steamy, and exceptionally loving — great for the kind of couple that would rather take it slow.

Love Lingual: Card Game

Buy: Love Lingual: Card Game $24.95

24. Embrace Board & Card Game


We love the design of this board game, which contains four different levels. Take it to whatever realm you want to, choosing between Romantic, Sexual Intimacy, Hot Sex, and Extreme Sex. The variety in this game makes it suitable for all kinds of tastes and allows you to enhance a variety of areas in your relationships. The board contains interactive truth and dare squares, letting you indulge in all kinds of vices while getting closer to each other.

Embrace Board & Card Game

25. Couplicious Board Game


If classic monogamy isn’t exactly in your wheelhouse, then consider this game as a fun icebreaker during your next “munch” or erotic gettogether. Couplicious opens up a lot of exciting possibilities for a range of group activities. Pick from Mild cards, Wild cards, and more. Users like that this game doesn’t force anything, and allows you to take it in the direction that you prefer. Described as a game to trigger threesomes, foursomes, or any other kind of group fun, you’ll do everything from learning sexual facts to the fantasies of all the players.

Couplicious Board Game
Buy: Couplicious Board Game $34.95

26. Fantasy Affairs Game


We all need a little escape now and then, right? Indulge in your deepest, darkest, and most taboo fantasies with your partner in this erotic fantasy made for you and your bae. This board game consists of a game board and various cards and tokens. Roll the die to move around the grid, acting out fantasy affairs and exploring creative kisses. Collect five heart tokens and win — the champ gets to act out their dream fantasy affair. We’d say there are definitely no losers in this game.

Fantasy Affairs Game

27. Magnetic Poetry Kit – Smutty Poet Edition


If you or your partner have a way with words, this is the game for you. Spice up that dirty talk with something a little unconventional. With more than 200 magnetic word tiles that can be stuck on your fridge or anywhere else you desire. There are more explicit terms referring to the dirty deed as well as more sensual terms. you can createy. This game is perfect for leaving each other messages or building up some foreplay. Way better than sexting.

Magnetic Poetry Kit Smutty Poet

28. After Dinner Amusements: Truth or Dare for Couples


Although we’ve already given one truth or dare option to consider, what’s another? After Dinner Amusement’s version is an excellent way to get the night started. It holds a deck of 50 different risqué truths and dares to choose from so you and your partner can get down and dirty with a little added fun. Plus, at just under $10, it’s totally affordable.

After Dinner Amusements: Truth or Dare for Couples

Buy: After Dinner Amusements: Truth or Dare for Couples $8.95

29. Kheper Games Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets Game


You’ll always feel like a winner with these sex scratch tickets for lotto lovers. One buyer says, “Bought these for my husband because he loves lottery tickets and told him he would win every time.” Suitable for the couple who wants a sex game that isn’t too hardcore, has a lighthearted vibe and helps both participants loosen up with something new. While some users complain that the tickets don’t scratch off easily, you can always use a coin for some extra help.

Kheper Games Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets Game
Buy: Kheper Games Lucky Sex Scratch Tickets Game $4.99 (orig. $7.99) 38% OFF

30. Massage Seductions Game


A more wholesome and not-so-scary way to ease into sexy time, the Massage Seductions Game helps you and your partner melt the tension away with a spa date for just the two of you. It includes 24 ways to seduce your partner, providing all the tools and techniques you’ll need including a warming heart massager, a massage candle and spoon, 24 Massage Seduction cards, as well as extra tips to help turn you into a pro masseuse.

Massage Seductions Game

Buy: Massage Seductions Game $19.38

31. Let’s F*ck XXX Sex Game


There isn’t much illusiveness to the Let’s F*ck XXX Sex Game. Like, it literally has the exact reasoning for playing the game in the title. This game is made for two to four players in total and makes for an excellent, well, icebreaker? for folks looking to get down and dirty together. Just know what’s going to go down in the end.

Let's F*ck XXX Sex Game

32. Let’s Get Naked Card Game


We couldn’t mention Let’s F*ck XXX without talking about Let’s Get Naked, what we’re calling the prior’s fraternal twin. This also in-your-face card game has the same effect as the one above for a sexy night with your partner or partners. Think of it as the classic game of war without clothes.

Let's Get Naked Card Game

33. Lovehoney After Dark Board Game


While most of these are late-night games to play, Lovehoney’s After Dark game has it in the title. This steamy game is made for two to four people in total and will allow you to discover all of your friend’s and partners’ sexy fantasies. Maybe it’ll lead to something fantastical in itself.

Lovehoney After Dark Board Game

34. The F’ing Truth Game


Dan Savage says it best, “The F’ing Truth is an f’ing blast!” If you’re looking for a spicy new game to play with your pals that might or might not lead to something extra spicy, this is the game to play. It works as a mix between Never Have I Ever and Bingo by providing questions and a Bingo-like board. Players will cross off the board as pervy questions are asked, the one that’s able to create a line across the board first wins. Best part? You can download it for free.

The F'ing Truth Game

35. Sexpectations Card Deck


Whether you’re newly married to someone you’ve been dating for many years prior or ended up having a rendezvous shotgun wedding in Vegas, Sexpectations is an excellent way for freshly married couples to explore one another’s comforts and kinks. There are 52 cards in total that allow the two of you to air out your deepest desires — and we’re sure it’ll blossom from just a chat.

Sexpectations Card Deck

Buy: Sexpectations Card Deck $17.97 (orig. $21.99) 18% OFF

36. Fifty Shades Of Grey Fifty Days of Play Game


As probably the most iconic sexually-driven book series of all time, Fifty Shades Of Grey is a staple of any sex lover’s book collection. If you or your partner is a fan of the series, this game is ideal to add to playtime. It comes with 50 different tasks to partake in (to match the name of the books) that will definitely heighten your sexual experience.

Fifty Shades Of Grey Fifty Days of Play Game

Buy: Fifty Shades Of Grey Fifty Days of Play Game $16.53 (orig. $18.00) 8% OFF

37. Kheper Games Oral Sex Card Game


Love oral sex? Then the Kheper Games Oral Sex Card Game is the choice for you. There are three different ways to play and over 100,000 different fantasies to be played out. Included in the game are 25 different cards for him and 25 for her, meaning there’s plenty of enjoyment to be had for everyone. No matter how many different positions you’ve tried, you’re sure to discover something new with ideas including “double his pleasure,” “the cowboy” and “curtain call.”

Kheper Games Oral Sex Card Game

38. Desire – Couples Game App


The Desire – Couples Game App lets you create and send dares to your partner from your smartphone. From there, you’ll compete to complete sexy assignments and win the most points. From sweet and romantic to spicier options, there’s never really going to be a loser in the game. The very least you’ll enjoy is a sexy and fun-filled adventure with your partner. You’ll also get to learn new things about your partner from their wants and fantasies. It’s a great way to keep the romance and lust alive in your relationship.

sex games for couples desire couples game app

39. We-Vibe Moxie App and Remote Controlled Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator


While it definitely isn’t a game, you can most certainly turn it into one. This wearable remote-controlled panty vibrator clips right into your partner’s underwear. If you’re out and about and want to get a little frisky, consider making some rules as you go throughout your day. If your partner breaks any of the rules, “punish” them by making their vibrator go off in public. This could be a fun, consensual way to test your boundaries together.

We-Vibe Moxie App and Remote Controlled Wearable Clitoral Panty Vibrator

Need More Inspiration? Try These DIY Sex Games

Along with delving into our carefully curated list of sex games for couples, there are plenty of naughty DIY games that you can play with your partner at home right now. 

Strip Twister: This game already puts you in some compromising positions — make it a little more interesting by taking an article of clothing off when the spinner lands on red.

Dirty Jenga: Write sexy truths or dares on each wooden block — make sure they expose your deepest fantasies.

Find The Honey: You just need a bottle of honey for this. Drizzle honey somewhere on your lover’s body and blindfold yourself. Then, use your mouth and tongue to try to locate that honey. There are no rules on what happens next.

Reenact That Scene: Pick a sexy scene from a movie of your choice and reenact it with your partner. To up the ante, complete your roleplay with costumes and/or accessories like wigs.

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